Arm Wrestling And Ethics by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Today is Sunday, October 7, 2012

I am playing hooky from church because it is very rainy,overcast, and cold in Burlington, NC.

I was reading today’s paper and was looking with special note a small article about a woman who was found – body remains wise – in VirginiaCan we talk about this?

Mrs. Suggs, age 90, disappeared and was not able to be found for years.  The FBI was looking for her in and about the Burlington, NC area.  Her little dog was found where she was in her car.  No one knew how she got there, because she was from Burlington, NC. The news story said that she was slightly stricken with senile dementia, and could have been diverted to drive out to the area in Virginia where her remains were found. 

The state of Virginia is where the Hogs – supposedly developed by Asians housed at ATI in Wooster, Ohio were also seen.  The hogs are not Harley Davison Motorcycles, or domestic pink skinned hogs but wild boar hogs that came from the Pleistocene Stone Age era and were redeveloped to live in this century.  The hogs, which are carnivorous, are allegedly being used to get rid of human remains after the organs of human beings are sold.  Allegedly, The Limited Companies got involved in this, because the hogs are supposed to be part of the textiles industry and have beautiful fur, which is supposed to be used for boots and coats. This is one of many reasons why, I think “The Limited Companies”, which originated in Columbus, Ohio is crooked.  But they aren’t the only ones. 

This was originally an audio post, and was quite a thing to think about and ponder on a rainy Sunday.


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