Ask The Episcopal Church of the United States – Submitted November 18, 2012



In all communities, there are Episcopal Churches.

The above sign or a very similar sign can be seen in many locations around the country and overseas.

What is an Episcopal Coven?

                                               by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber
Someone here in Burlington, NC claims that they are running an Episcopal Coven here.  I have never heard of it.  I go to Holy comforter Episcopal Church here and am staying at a local shelter located at 206 N. Fisher Road, Burlington, NC.  This seems to be part of development.  Below are the other sites that I wrote. If this is a destructive coven, then the target would be “The indigo Drum Project” because it was started in Wooster, Ohio and was an entity that people wanted and wanted to contribute to.  Crooks had me evicted from my house and took the monies.  The crooks keep putting me in as a victim of hate crime.  I am now in dire straits poverty because of the hate cult.  Our son, Justin Jeremy Bauer, is somewhere and the church today and on other Sundays mentions a person appointed to a high level of the Episcopal Church named “Justin Welby” (like Marcus Welby, MD from an old television show – a doctor everyone liked). Holy Comforter is mainly a white church but a few blacks show up from time to time. 
Justin (my son) was born on December 31, 1982 and was christened in the Episcopal Church.  I have been a lifetime member of the Episcopal Church since I was in kindergarten.  The people in the church are not victimizing me.  In fact, someone from the church treated me to a new hairstyle and haircut which I do not see as anything but a nice gift. Crooks keep trying to start hate crime activity and ignore people who are from other countries on the police internet.  A criminal on the internet keeps trying to lead gang activity to abuse me.  So far, the crook caused Asian groups to be mentioned since they are on the internet also and use the surname “Kim” a lot.  This started with someone getting obsessive 0 as in a mental illness, and kept harassing me, and would not pull others on to the police/intelligence internet because they were stupid and wanted to know the answers to etc. and I applied for my MPA at the time.  This person who still sounds stupid like an imbecile starting trouble is now angry and trying to start trouble.  I don’t know that this has anything to do with the Episcopal Church, but they are on the network also like others are.  The other thing that is important in this is that there is now covert black gang activity going on in this area – Burlington, NC which is apparent and they meet in an unmarked area which they claim is a ‘church’ but this ”church which may have been in the same location for years has no church name on the door and no Christian cross inside and looks like an old warehouse used for storage with a front office.  I went to the women’s luncheon this past week (Thursday) and met the Bishop of the Church who is black.  He did not stay and have lunch with us at all.  A white gentleman also walked by and went upstairs and did not stay for lunch and did not stop to introduce himself at all.  He looks like clergy also. 
What else is relevant in this is that my ex-brother-in-law and sister-in-law (Ken and Carol Bauer) went to Great Britain which is the ‘mother country’ of the Episcopal Church and took photos of themselves to bring back to the United States to show myself and my ex-husband at the time in front of various structures in London, England.  These relatives are all supposed to be part of a corporate id – Eddie Bauer, but my ex-husband was cheap and did not want me to have a divorce settlement after being married to him for about 16 years, and his brother is also a Scrooge.  Then some woman who had an occupation as a whore/stripper after she got fired from her factory job showed up at AA meetings to find men who liked her.  Crooks made her a central character in this thing they created.  I don’t know why they went there.  Then a scab group showed up to rape people and called this program “Sex with Slaves”.  These people are weirdoes who also burglarized homes.  I did not know them to be part of the Episcopal Church either.  These crooks do not want certain people to live happy lives or be employed at all but be broke and be chronically stalked, harassed, and ripped off.  I think some of these people are part of a cocaine cult, which is also not part of the Episcopal Church that I know of.
There was a weird judge from Wooster, Ohio named “Miller” who was part of a group of judges that named “Miller” who was supposed to deal with juveniles, and was part of a local coven there who wore white hooded garments and got involved in some kind of ceremony around a lake of his property at night only with this group.  They were called a coven also.  He did not go to the Episcopal Church either. I have not seen my ex-husband or son since 2007 (if you do not count other versions of them) which this coven or crime ring seems to have also – second, third, or fourth versions of all kinds of people in it.   
I could not find anything online ‘fact wise’ about What an Episcopal coven is and am wondering if any of this is that.  Thanks much.

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