A Split, A Theory, and A Correlation by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

“What you see if not what you get…”

A Split, A Theory, and A Correlation

By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Beyond the political implications of the cartoon, how about taking a look at a ‘developed’ id which ended up being derogatory in affecting the United States of America’s non civilian police agent force.  The Schizophrenic Split is what the “condition” could be called. The Split off could also be known as “Black Empowerment”.  Regardless, the situation enabled many unclassified, reactionary people to get into, shut down, and redistribute ‘USA intelligence roles” at times to people who were not educated or trained to deal with them.    

How Did This Start?

We in the united States were known in certain segments to be a National of Liberal people, who tended to not be judgmental  of others because of the fear of ‘being judged harshly’ ourselves.

       This was supposed to include people of various races, Nationalities, sexual orientations, and life orientations in general – Witches Included, who could be dealt with in more detail in another article on this particular site. 

     In the world of Mental Health, Witches, a very specific group of people with a specific group of beliefs      are also classified as “Schizophrenic” or “Split Off”  for the reason of treatment of mental illness and receiving insurance funding for individuals in ‘classification’ and supposed ‘treatment’ of this group to ‘normalize them.  But, what really is ‘normal’?  For people who are interested in the field of criminology, a wide ranging area with many ‘complicating features’ (like diagnosing a mental or physical illness for instance) this is interesting.  For other people, waiting for ‘someone else’ to create change, this is terrorism.

Exactly where is the terrorism/split and who caused it?

 Certain people are paid to find out about these circumstances, where they occur, why, and whether they are helping or creating additional issues.  The problems have wide ranging effects which could include but not be limited to “Massive Storms” which have been noted throughout the country.  Recently, “the massive storms in the South” are a point of concern.  These storms, which seem to be caused by no one, occurred for some reason and came from Mississippi hitting Tennessee, Tuscaloosa, Alabama and other cities in Alabama , and Norman, Oklahoma and other cities in Oklahoma as reported by NPR and others involved in chasing and addressing abusive storm patterns. 

Is this part of the “Last Days of Christ Cult” which crooks wanted to call situations like this or was this created by ‘ghosts’? More will be revealed.


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