“Real Estate Corruption or ‘Creation of The Homeless'” by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Housing and Business Sellouts
By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber
How do they do this?

In this widespread type of fraud, the realtor or property owner ends up being the goat.
It goes like this:
1. A property worth is established.
2. Someone puts the property worth on an email or groups it with other properties.
3. The contents of the building have to be gotten rid of and the current person/people/business that ‘lives there’.
4. The email is sent to a contact
5. The contact calls the ‘friend’ and establishes a friendly contact and sometimes meets the person.
6. The money is then transferred to the personal/business bank account.
7. There are also cases of ‘banks’ being established. For instance, The Bank of China, in Bejing and in Hong Kong really exists, but these banks are located in China. China is a fascist country, and is Communist.
8. Good luck getting your property/business back or restarting especially if you have bad credit.
9. I ‘think’ this was supposed to be United States government business, but “The Mob” also got involved in this.
10. Dynamic solutions to this longstanding problem, which makes people angry and helpless, are needed.
11. Also, because this involved a Fascist country, the USA was subject to the type of governance that came from the country of origin or the ‘sender’. Someone shut down the United Nations sites and if the people are crooks, and do not speak English very well, most people who get involved in this email game do not have the capability to get the contact’s fingerprints or their real name unless they are the police.
12. In the Nigerian scam, where a USA contact sent “utube videos” to various people to validate the war in Haiti, people were killed and hauled away on the back end of pick-up trucks and every person on the ‘truck bed’ had a value life insurance policy wise. This is called “Heavy Insurance Racketeering” because there are deaths. Then, investigators have to go there and find out who caused the problem and exactly what occurred.


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