Important letter to Futures Without Violence:

Domestic Violence contemporary world Issues

Is Domestic Violence a Private Matter?

Is Domestic Violence a Private Matter?

December 28, 2012

The Indigo Drum:

Dear “Futures Without Violence,
The Indigo Drum is a project that I have been working on since 1995. So far, this Government based project had all kinds of trouble including crooks who wanted to steal the assigned DUNS numbers to run a cocaine cartel, but it is still online and gathering interest. I also had trouble with an abusive spouse who decided that he did not like me after we were married, would not go to church, would not have a sexual reliationship with me, and was generally always looking for trouble before I filed for divorce. He then hired thugs to harass me online in the police/intelligence auditory mode which also failed, because this occurred after we were divorced, and the thugs were online to tell me that “I was mentally ill in high school, was beating up my husband or ex-husband, and was not degreed, because they wanted to use my Bachelor’s degree to commit fraud crimes. Their project failed.

My project is part of the Federal Government, namely The Department of Justice, The Department of Homeland Security, and many other entities unnamed, and and It will eventually have housing and employment for people interested in this Community Development, computer based hub project. I am a Social Worker with 20 years of Licensed experience in my field in Ohio, a writer, an expert in various areas, and “the rat”. My other sites are listed below:





The Thorn Web:


White Color Copies Only (Burlington, NC): http://www.WhiteColorCopies

Anti Organ Trafficking Issues:

Linked In:



Despite being pulled into a situation where I had nothing but trouble with crooks, I am a survivor. My plans next are to go to Law School and obtain a degree in International Law. I am 54 years of age and will be 55 on July 17. I am looking for financial help there, also. I became a homeless victim in Ohio in Wooster, Ohio because of a hostile escheat situation which added to other life complicating problems I have encountered, including losing touch with my only child, Justin Jeremy Bauer, who I love dearly and cannot get ahold of. I am in addition to this project seeking employment. I am also a recovering Alcoholic, with experience in the addictions/mental health areas, a cartoonist, a writer, and am available for Public Speaking. My voice mail number is 206-203-4349, which is available 24 hours a day, (whether I lose my current cell phone again or not.)

Blessings this Holiday Season. J


Kimberly! J


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