Burlington North Carolina and the ‘mob’, or “The story of Nuisance People who would not stop the abuse”, by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Hey-thatsmyfoxfurcoatthat that Appalachian goon is wearing.
“Hey – That is my fox fur coat that an Appalachian goon is wearing. Here is the picture of it”
Juvenile Delinquents again, are supposed to be the problem here in Burlington, NC, not the adults running a cult to tear down the Federal system. How disappointing. I am ready to move on and get involved in something else.
Their development area which we ‘had no choice; but to listen to had to do with old codgers who were chasing unruly under aged kids around to have sex with them, and then became nursing home victims, using a victim wife’s degree. 😦
The crooks, who ripped off the United States Department of Treasury were supposed to ruin the lives of Social Workers and take valuable things from their homes, out of spite, which the ex-spouse had insurance on, like the Fox fur coat pictured below to pay the brats for sex. Then the brats had an advocacy agency called “Fair Girls” to protect them, instead of being hauled off to Rosemont or some other school/jail for unruly brats. No one seems to be supervising these brats, yet they are able to travel from one state to another to do damage and cause harm. Then, the parents generally have guns to stop the victims from getting angry back, always with some excuse. This is another version of ‘sociopaths getting even with society’, and is boring. These people are boring and are part of a ‘borne id’ that I got stuck with and did not volunteer to be a part of because they do not want to talk about anything of value, usually, are not that bright, and are constantly setting up some kind of ‘chase’. I did not like the people who were part of this script to begin with, and told my ex-husband, that the fox fur coat was nice, but that I was an animal rights activist, so they ruined my life and made me a homeless woman anyhow to enable old pedophiles and burglarize homes.
I guess someone wanted me or ’someone’ to write a romantic novel about this part of society, but the book was already written before many times, and it is never very interesting or exciting. This ‘romantic story’ is not much of anything but a story about sex offenders and the people they victimize, and another ‘boo’ for strip clubs that use under aged brat kids and sell cocaine and other narcotics within them and on the streets.
http://fairgirls.org/about is the organization that helps young whores (male and female) abuse people with advocacy, in addition to some of these ‘clubs’ offering the crooks backup at the expense of the victims they abuse. There need to be stronger laws written in regard to being an accessory in crime rings like these which end up wasting people’s lives and time.

Open Letter to Fair Girls:
Your organization stinks. You should be locked up. I think I was supposed to tell you this about brat girls who are being using to commit crimes so that their youth records are expunged, but I stopping caring about this ‘chase’ that was supposed to be a part of this situation between Social Workers and others because felons got into the system a long time ago anyhow to keep the organized crime ring going and getting stronger to make efforts in certain areas useless no matter what. Sorry, I would rather get a degree in International Law than deal with brat kids and their abusive parents looking for trouble, since I did not have the police support I needed ever in my life anyhow. 😦


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