Noticing Trends: “Strawberry” cocaine, Mass appeal, and a “straw launch” of ‘Beautiful Models ‘ by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Strawberry Cocaine

Strawberry Crystal Meth

One of the largest categories of missing information has to do with getting the public in general diverted to a higher level of cultural sensitivity in general. In Ohio, where we experienced a great deal of Mob activity, we had people who were interested in chasing people around with guns, and my project, The Indigo Drum (detailed in a link below) getting ignored and ripped off financially. Crooks decided to steal the two DUNS numbers I applied for from my email and wanted “The Indigo Drum” to be a cocaine cult, selling ‘strawberry cocaine’ and etc. There is a black version, and a white version. The ‘black version’ is called “Nigger Alley” and the ‘white version’ is called “Cocaine America”. The people get mean with each other and some of the groups were less apt to learn and change, but were involved in theft and in chasing each other around with loaded guns to ‘get even’. I am a believer in “Lifelong Education” and what seems to be lacking in some of these communities, like Burlington, NC, which has colleges and Universities in it, is cultural sensitivity. The past decade was marked with ‘black issues’ and ‘white issues’ but some of these people ignored other groups here in their communities from other countries, and acted like they were better than these people, for instance, Mexicans, and Asians, and would not include them. The point was to run and expand continued crime. Maybe the thing to do would be to get field people into some of these environments who are educated and have appeal.

More about the Lot Lizard Campaign
The police/intelligence internet was misused for years to promote the “Lot Lizard” campaign” and some of the people relocated to other areas and continued this campaign. What it had to do with was young people getting pulled into organized crime as kids, and the girls achieving status be being ‘pretty’ and becoming strip club people. Then, in Columbus, Ohio, they were gifted with being “Limited Companies” models. The cocaine that is not being dealt with at all is cocaine that people in larger cities are very well aware of – and it has a sweet, strawberry rolling paper type of scent. It smells like ‘candy’ instead of something repulsive. Informants about this claim that someone developed this type of cocaine and may be using McDonald’s Strawberry salad dressings to mix with cocaine to make this type of ‘crack’ which is an addictive but improved version of the original. Crack still causes people to become aggressive, mean, and spend money needed for other things on the drug and the drug is still highly addictive whether it has an objectionable odor/taste or a pleasant one. When cocaine evictions are done and clothing is thrown out, it smells like the aforementioned.

The Truck Driver response
Wytheville, Virginia

For some reason, there is a lack of stories being done about this. The Teamsters truck Drivers who were in contact with The Truck Stops of America and The Flying J. Truck stops in Wytheville, Virginia, in particular are trying to run an “Anti-Lot Lizard” campaign, but others are needed to divert this issue and make it into something less objectionable and more multicultural. People from around the world object to this, but there is not enough ‘press’ about this – maybe this was blacked out, or maybe the crooks barreled over others who were the “journalism” or photographer type, but this problem now has International implications, and has been the same way for years. The crooks got this “lot Lizard Campaign” going to being with by taking a young woman, named Liz, who starred in a movie called “Showgirls” into a strip club area in Columbus, Ohio. She was supposed to be a case to emulate. She was a really thin blonde who was supposed to be pulled into this particular mob cartel as a young kid and could not escape (although someone at one point in time burned down the strip club where the woman worked (arson)so that she did not have to stand on stage nude and expose here ‘lips’ and sell cocaine. This woman’s name was “Liz” and she was then supposed to be a beautiful white model who everyone wanted to be. There are black versions of the woman also. The woman was supposed to them become a “Limited Companies” model – The Limited Companies being a Columbus, Ohio based and developed corporation. Kids saw this as an ‘easy money beautiful woman to be because in addition to this the woman herself is fairly ‘simple’ intellectually as an adult and is very childlike.

What is a Lot Lizard?
A lot lizard, according to truck drivers and others who have to deal with this all of the time, is a young kid who goes to where truck drivers, in particular, are parked to try to sell those drugs and sex. They prowl around where adult men with money are and are supposed to be ‘runaways’ but are generally connected to protective “mob Guardians. When the women grow up, they are not fully adult, and are the ‘romantic’ type of person to be a certain people who are looking for easy money for free.
“Liz”, lot lizards, strawberry cocaine, and easy money have been promoted over and over again, and it looks like the Columbus, Ohio originated “The Limited Companies” is to blame for this faux-pas, which kept getting launched over and over again by crime and drug users who wanted to blame, the United States government.

ME? The United States Government?
If I am supposed to be the United States government keeping this cult going, why am I broke, moving from one homeless shelter to another, and not able to get employment for very long? I am currently staying at The Alamance County homeless Shelter here in Burlington, NC, and my time is almost lapsed. This means that I will not be able to come back to this particular public shelter for at least a year. I think that I am not the only victim of this. True, I did choose the government as an employer of choice, but am not in any political launch, nor am able to make any money based on this situation, created by crooks. All it did was ruin my life. This “Straw Launch” with “Pink” the singer with pink hair could have been developed around me as part of harassment. For instance, in high school, I made strawberry candy with has as part of the recipe confectioner’s sugar, red food coloring (for the berry) and green food coloring (for the leaves) and I actually was a blue ribbon winner for this entry. Maybe this is where the “Fair Girls” , prostitution advocacy group, which is supposed to look like a real advocacy group and is located on the web at group got their name. Maybe “Fair Girls” got their name from a murder that occurred in which an 11 year old girl, who was last seen at The Wayne County Fair, in Wooster, Ohio, where I also lived, was found in pieces after being attacked by a homicidal person. The girl was not particularly attractive at the time, and this story appeared on the front page of The Wooster Daily Record. Her parents were up in arms because at the time, not enough investigations were being done. A group of Klan brothers, some of whom used to go to the Best Western bar, in Wooster, Ohio claimed that this was a ‘fake case’. Also, in the same area, Wayne County, Smuckers of Strawberry Hill shut down production and had major problems, including not being able to hire summer crew members for many years. If this thing, instead of The Indigo Drum Project, was actually my business being run by me with the DUNS numbers I already applied for, I would be a very wealthy woman right now instead of a woman in poverty going from one homeless shelter to another, and being hassled on the police/intelligence auditory system by certain people. I apparently am supposed to be ‘schizophrenic’ hearing voices according to the crooks. This Columbus, Ohio ‘Straw Launch’, along with the clover leafed traffic coming in connected to large organized crime rings, and the new strawberry drug ring, is all allegedly a part of the Obama Presidential launch. President Obama won again as a ‘popular choice, yet a letter I received from “The White House” on White House stationary and put on another site I write called “Born To Be Miserable” located at claims that they are interested in not this but an anti-drug initiative program.

From John Irving’s Book – “A Widow For One Year”, is another prostitution Rights Advocacy Organization in Amsterdam called “De Rode Draad”. This organizatgion is located at and is based on the premise that it is hard for sexworkers to get a loan. “De Rode Draad” is an International Organization. Based on the website, it is hard to see where and how loans are granted, but this is why the organization is supposed to be there, in addition to protecting “whores”. When John Irving wrote the book “A Widow For a Year”, he adknoweldged the help of his friends Margot Alvarez and Robbert Ammerlaan, his Dutch publisher. The “De Rode Draad” site also says: “We are sorry but we can’t introduce you to sexworkers for interviews. We can’t jeopardize the confidential relationship we have with them. But is possible to contact our press officer: Metje Blaak 06-53414960”. Another contact listed on the site is
Stichting de Rode Draad
Kloveniersburgwal 47
1011 JX Amsterdam
Tel.: 020 – 6243366
Fax: 020 – 6200383

The Indigo Drum project, which is a homeland security computer based project, was ignored, and because of this “Straw Launch” created where a Limited Companies model with the mob is an important female launch, “The Indigo Drum” was ignored. The Indigo Drum:
The above story is true to life and to the time period. All of the facts have been checked and double checked, and the story is based on real life field research.


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