Another letter in the ‘Open Letters’ series: “Hickory, North Carolina – Building and Funding a new Library” by Kimberly Koerber

Patrick Beaver Memorial Library

Dear Greater Columbus, Ohio Arts Council,

Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list. I m currently in Hickory, NC and do not know how long I am going got be here but am staying at the Salvation Army at this time. There is a situation here in Hickory that has to do with ‘gays and art’ and of course this has to do with the Arts Council. What it is that there is an oil color portrait of a white kid with red hair and green eyes who died at the age of 17 on the wall in the main library here in beautiful, quaint Hickory which looks and feels like “Old world I
Italian ethnic people and others so far on the outside of the Salvation Army.

Then someone wrote a group of poetry books which are for sale here for $5.00 per edition. This is supposed to be a collection, not written by the same author, and copies are available at the front desk of the library, before entering the library. An oil portrait of “Patrick Beaver” is on the left after entrance wall of the library in the main concourse of the library. There is a poem written under this portrait of the kid, “Patrick” in the same style as the poems in the “for sale” poetry books and the poem under the kid’s portrait on the wall. The writer of that poem is supposed to be the kid’s sad mother who reads and ‘feels’ like a Gertrude Stein type. The poetry is written in a very simple style, with no or few thesaurus substitutions, is supposed to be the kid’s sad MOTHER. THIS LOOKS LIKE SOME KIND OF DEVELOPMENT STRING WHERE THE CROOK PUTS DEFINABLE EVIDENCE IN AN APPARENT PLACE and then laughs at the police.

I wonder what they are trying to prove here, anyhow. This is my commentary on “Life equals Art” and the inverse.


Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


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