Inspirational thoughts from the Dead.


Picture – courtesy of Diver and Aguilar, London, United Kingdom via

Found in the Burlington, NC shelter. Someone left sandwich bags with a group of items and this small inspirational poem. They were not there to pass the plastic bags out ‘for some reason’, though.

A stick of gum – the remind you to sitck with it.

A candle – to give you light when you feel burned out.


Smarties – To Help you on days when you don’t feel smart.

Lifesavers – To remind you tht everyone needs help once in a while.

A penny – to share your thoughts.

A bag – to keep it altogether.

Maybe the anonymous writer above was Appalachian and had little value to others, because they could not read, write, or spell very well, and so became a Racketeering victim. This is something to think about when looking at people who value others based on criteria that they establish, then apply this criteria to all people. Regards, Kimberly!:)


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