Hickory, North Carolina population: About 50,000 – What’s new

In my opinion – all dating on Facebook should be banned. There is a book out, called “Blood Lust” by an author named “King” which appears in an article I wrote about “Strawberry Cocaine” on Word Press : http://www.WhiteColorCopiesOnly.WordPress.com about a professional killer who was involved in Sadomasochistic killings and found lonely women through Social Media and other ways to date and then kill. “Will they never listen?”

Here in Hickory, NC there is presently a ‘string’ situation that does not involve ‘dating deaths but the deaths of young females between the ages of 10 and 11 “aka” “The Ugly One” that someone did not like or “The Retarded One”, which has a similar sadomasochistic bent for females. A really cute, freckled little girl named “Zarah”, age 10, and was featured on the front page of The Hickory Daily Record here just this past week with two hearing Aids. She recently died, and her dad was supposed to have escaped to Australia before her stepmother, a local drug dealer with a record, was arraigned. There is now a sign on L & R Boulevard marking her death by naming a kid’s park after her. Another death occurred here in Hickory that locals are still talking about where the girl was supposed to be retarded and her mother was the killer. She was stuffed in a mattress with her limbs found in other areas of the county. 😦

Please be careful, friends – ‘stuff’ like this is really, really NOT funny!

There is also an organization that some of the locals suspect may be involved in some of these killings called “Fair Girls”. This organization is on line and is supposed to ‘empower young females. They may or may not be involved in this mess, but are supposed to be the popular young prostitution based group.

The local library here in Hickory is called The Patrick Beaver Memorial Library. There is a portrait of a young man with red hair who died at a very young age – 17. He was the son of locals here in Hickory. Outside, of the library is a statue of a man holding a young son in his lap – with a large book, around which is a thorn bush, and on the periphery petunias, of many colors are planted. The plaque on the statue says nothing but James Barnhill, 1999. In doing research on the name, James Barnhill was a cardiologist, a Caucasian man, and some of the gory gangland types are pictured on his site as his friends. One of the ‘special tattoos’ done by another version of James Barnhill – a jail version – shows a large open orifice, tattooed in colors of pink. Maybe this “Fair Girls” group is a way for kids to stay alive, not be organ donors, and not have to be on any kind of medication.

Hickory, NC is also where they want people to apply for jobs, but Asians rate over and above any applicant from the United States for ‘some reason’. More will be revealed.


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