Fire, Ice, “Zagar Industries”, and “The Limited Companies”


“The World of Many Hands”

By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

It looks like there is a large crime string that began with a company known as “Zagar Industries” in Ohio and known as “Zagaroli” here in Hickory, NC. There are also two agencies here of interest in Hickory, NC – both on 1st Avenue SE – “The Favor Center” and “The North Carolina Department of Revenue”. This are does not seem to be as hard hit as Ohio was by the crime and drug ring. On the internet Zagar has several other listings, including a furniture listing. I think that this group is known as a mob in and they were supposed to be part of Public Administration. I think that in Ohio, where the crime ring got started, when I was pulled into the auditory/police/intelligence mode, which is also used for community and United States Development and investigations, someone wanted “Fat Fletcher”. This man’s other name was “Fletcher Milan” and I don’t know if this was an alias or not, but he preferred the nickname “Fletch”. He and his wife, Donna Milan had two daughters named Jill and Jeannie. They lived in Madison, Ohio and Zagar was the man’s employer. He was a man who worked at Zagar and that facility in Ohio was a machine shop. Mr. Milan was supposed to be working in the tool room there. My husband at the time and I met he and his family because there was a local ad in the newspaper for people who were interested in a public Service group which they started, called “Women of Today“. This “Women of Today” group was supposed tom replace the Jaycee’s women’s group they then said. The thing was that Mr. Milan and his wife started the group and then went back up to their home in Geaga County (Madison, Ohio) , but had friends in Westerville, Ohio also who were a part of the group named David and Donna Potochnik. That couple, whose house the Milans stayed at all of the time had two children also – a boy and a girl. The son’s name was David, and I don’t recall the daughter’s name.
The thing is that Mr. Milan and his wife were involved in a questionable situation which involved a car that I had being burned up. Then, someone wanted to get “Liz”, a woman who looked sort of like Mr. Milan into the development mode. My ex-husband and I went to one show of hers. The woman sort of looked like Mr. Milan, as maybe a direct relative. She had long stringy blonde hair, was a thin anorexic woman with no shape and no breasts, and had large blue eyes that were somewhat ‘bugged out’ like his were. He was in a brother’s string. And they all were fat, with longish string blonde hair and blue eyes. The woman “Liz” started coming to AA and was a woman who complained about having to work in the strip club. Her ‘hot act;’ was to take her clothes off and then masturbate on stage – rubbing her wet female body part on a stationary pole that was in the middle of the stage as her ‘pole dance’ but the woman could not sing or dance at all. Then, she started coming to AA and complained about having to work there, so people kept trying to help her, but she was not interested in normal emp0llyment but in being a star. She also wanted to be a model but acted like laid off factory trash, also known as a laid off factory worker. She was supposed to be connected to another insurance fraud situation whereby someone set clothing warehouses on fire and clothing from New York State was brought to a store in Columbus, called “Schottenstein’s”, one branch of which was just down the road from where the strip club was where she worked, on Westerville Road in Columbus, Ohio. The woman “Liz” was also supposed to be telling people that as part of her job at the strip club she had to sell drinks for $13.00 each and sell cocaine. She complained but would not change. Then, we heard that someone set her strip club on fire and put a small stationary storage shack in that location.
Milan was tied into extortion based activity, and I dropped out of The Women of Today group after they were not recruiting any more members and wanted me to be the President of the organization, which I did not want to be at the time. At the time, they wante4d me to approach the Westerville Jaycees to get a fund raising check. All of the members of The Women of Today group then were able to get screen printed t-shirts with the group’s name on the front so that we could march in the Westerville parade together for the fourth of July. I have not seen these people for a long time, and no longer live in Ohio, but I am homeless today because I am the victim of a home invasion, robbery, and rape. Milan collected all kinds of things and their house was filled from floor to ceiling with ‘junk’ they supposedly found at garage sales, like a ‘hoarder’ type of person. At one point, Milan had a large butcher knife in the back of his car which he showed me and had the back part of his blue Honda Civic loaded with porn – particularly of very large breasted women. He claimed that someone was ‘after him’ but would not tell my husband or me who the people were, and started acting like he was mentally ill. This is a good person to9 stay away from and in addition to the above referenced issues; the man may have sexual issues. His wife claimed that he was involved in a sexual relationship with their daughter Jill, who then became bisexual, and that he was closer to this daughter that he was to her – the wife – named “Donna”. My mother’s name is also Donna, but she married Bob Reynolds and his middle initial is “J’ as in the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. My mother Donna Reynolds is not Donna Milan, but my mother currently lives in Akron Ohio, in Fairlawn not far from the country club, and is hostile toward me generally, although she is sort of back and forth. She sent me $100.00 as a Christmas gift when I was in Burlington, NC in the shelter there, but when I talked to her on the phone just last week at her phone number of 330-836-5318, she sounded senile, which she never sounded before either on the phone or in person. My father died during the course of this ‘development’ occurring in Ohio. My mother was remarried to Reynolds at the time.
These people were important to someone and were constantly mentioned. I ‘think’ they were supposed to launch the Trump Casino project in particular, and I ‘think’ that the Zagar branch here in Hickory is a Construction Firm, located right across the street from the local Soup Kitchen for the homeless. I ‘think’ there was also a problem with the furniture industry in High Point, NC as someone built all kinds of expensive furniture stores, and then took all of the keys to the stores, put them on a keychain, and left the area, according to informants, so that no one could shop or work in these stores. “Zagar” is listed on the internet as having an interest in the furniture industry, as are another Ohio couple named “McIntyre”. In this “McIntyre” case, they were the owners of a small but unpopular furniture store in Wooster, Ohio, where this crime ring got started in the auditory and real ways. This couple left Ohio and she now works for the Department of Social Services in Burlington, NC, and threatens to take people’s food stamps away and is an area enemy. She, a thin woman, looks like a drug user with very pale wrinkled skin and very short layered hair, but is supposed to be ‘high class’ to herself. Her husband is a local North Carolina politician who is not very well liked here either, according to informants. These people may all be armed and dangerous, and caution should be used with them. Informants also say that not only is a tension pocket here in Hickory, NC, but this used to be known as another mobster area. In addition to all of the above, some ‘rat’ from this group keeps making it impossible for me to be gainfully employed or to go to graduate school.

Another crime program that seems to go along with Go-Go Lizzie, Fat Fletcher, and Zagar Industries or Zagaroli is a program called “Sex with Slaves” which goes along with “Home Invasions”. What these programs really are is an old crime series called”Breaking and Entering” and “Rape”.
This newly named crime series seems to attack people who are alone at home – particularly late at night or early in the morning. When this occurred in my life, I was home alone and it was 4:00 am. All of the sudden, I was having sex with a man I did not know, did not let in, and other men were standing around watching. I did not know the men and never saw any of them before, and do not know how they got in – but – I think they are targeting for abuse people who are on the police/ intelligence internet. I was on the Wooster, Ohio police/intelligence internet for about ten years and the local people knew that my ex-husband had gone to Florida, and that my son was supposed to come to North Carolina. This is an example of what is known as “the Chicago Crime cut in” because the goal is to get rid of people who are or sound like police and are not part of the drug cartel, which they were running there. The court was dirty and the judge was found as dirty before and after this illegal eviction. If the people are not used to this, this alone is traumatizing, because the male dominated courts, especially in drug ring areas always traditionally victimized women in sexual assault cases. If woman are not interested in fighting with judges and a large cocaine cartel, like they had in Wooster, Ohio, then “Forget
It”. I went to Wayne County Legal Aid when this illegal eviction that was burglary oriented occurred, and was given a card by them that said Community Legal Aid Services, Inc. When I called them, as they were supposed to replace “Wayne County Legal Aid” in regard to this matter, I was told nothing and then received a letter saying that they were not able to represent me. This kind of “Shang-Hai” is common in dirty court/drug infested areas where property escheat, corporate escheat, and other crimes are occurring. The way this “Sex With Slaves”/”Home Invasions” crime ring seems to play itself out is that crooks attack some relative or friend and then this starts up other crime in the area because of retaliation. Since the victim do not know personally the ‘rapists’ who come from other areas, it is hard to prosecute in the traditional ways, particularly is the local court system is dirty.

In Hickory, I contacted “The Rape Crisis Center of Catawba County”, located at 1220 Commerce Street, SW Suite J, Conover, NC 28613. Their phone number is (828) 322-6011, and their web address is The assumption was that possibly this ring hit here also, because they here in Hickory were supposed to be running some kind of “Long Island whore/methadone cult” in honor of actress Fran Dressler, and her television role of a prostitute/retail clerk turned “Nanny” to a gay man and his children. Informants say that Ms. Dressler has real relatives from Hickory, NC who did not approve of her role in this situation comedy or her methadone use. Ms. Dressler was a very thin, very pretty Italian woman with a pronounced Long “Island accent in the television role she played, which was said to be the ‘kick-off for The Columbus, Ohio based “the Limited Companies” and the types of models they were trying to hire and promote at the time, although “The Limited Companies” in other cases did not protect the male and female ‘models’ that they hired and wanted to use as field investigators after they got into trouble. This is why “The Limited companies” is now facing a multitude of charges and various cases that have to do with negligence and ‘not backing up their own people’. They started out as a retailer/warehouse company specializing in trendy women’s clothing and have other subsidiaries, like “Paul Harris”, “The Limited Too”, and others.


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