“Corporate Criminals and Their Codependents Ruined My Life” or “How The South Won” Part II” – by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer Koerber

The following in an excerpt from an article that ran in the Hickory Daily Record on Monday, March 4, 2013: “Monday, March 4, 2013 Convergys bringing 100 more jobs to Hickory; hiring will begin immediately From Staff Reports Hickory Daily Record HICKORY — Convergys has been on the move ever since the customer service specialist came to Hickory. On Monday, Convergys announced it’s expanding again. One Hundred new jobs are on the way.” In reality, what occurred is that I, an overqualified candidate for a customer service call center went to Convergys earlier this week for a scheduled interview, with an interviewer named “Greg”. I did well on the tests administered and before that applied online and passed the screening battery administered there. The initial contact was with “Eliza” who scheduled the interview, prior to this. After the interview, which was on Monday, April 1, 2013, which seemed to go alright, I was told by “Greg” that I would be notified within twenty four hours. I sent them a pencil and paper “Thank You note” the very next morning. Because I was abused by a large criminal cult in Ohio, I am currently staying at The Salvation Army Shelter. The next day, instead of receiving a phone call from Convergys, all of the women in our room had to relocate to another room in the Salvation Army, except for one person, a current Convergys employee named “Jennifer”. After all of the women were moved out of the Salvation Army Room we were staying in, which is marked as The St Aloysius Catho9lic Church Room”, someone put on the door “Employees only. In addition to this, the interviewer “Greg” had a family resemblance to the Johnson & Johnson Corporation family group, but is working at Convergys. In the past, I have had issues with this corporation because at one point in time, I got involved with one of the members on their family, named “James Johnson”, and did not know who this black man was. I became a constant victim of racketeering and crime. In Wooster, Ohio, this black family with white family members, who have stock on the New York Stock Exchange list, had a law firm in Wooster, Ohio, where there was a lot of racketeering and tension. Then, in Columbus, Ohio, a large black group exists, who say that people are not eligible for Federal employment unless they are black, married to blacks, or have black children. In Lynchburg, Virginia, where another black family member was, namely “Joyce Johnson”, I got thrown out of the Salvation Army shelter for no reason other than the fact that a mean, mentally ill black woman, named “Mary” worked there, and Joyce Johnson was my roommate in the shelter at the time. Lynchburg, Virginia is where Reverend Dr. Jerry Fahlwell was killed, a white church leader, and where there was other tension. These people, who are part of a large “corporate identity” are racist, and are also always in the middle of trouble and crime that is being caused. As in other cases, they are never at fault, but always in the middle of the problem. Some group also battered others out of the way and took over the police/intelligence internet, to continue these issues. They are part of the crime on the police/intelligence internet. These people have intentionally made my life a living hell, with a hate campaign, and kept me from going to graduate school, because they or one of their crooked affiliates wanted to claim that I had no degree and then I ‘believe’ used this same undergraduate degree (which is in Social Work) to create a crime string namely the FBI investigated “North Carolina Nursing Home Crime String”. This is clearly retributional and started happening after I filed for divorce from Jerry L. Bauer. Some of these other problems occurred before and after I got involved in the police/investigations voice mode, (which I do not get paid for.) One of the crooks keeps telling me that I am supposed to be removed from this, because they are supposed to apparently continue to create terrorism with blacks and tangential whites, and pick icons who other people do not like to ‘get even’. I am currently not able to become employed thanks to this kind of divisiveness. I am not part of any corporate identity at all, also thanks to this kind of abuse. Every time I have trouble getting hired, it seems to boil down to this type of undermining behavior, as exhibited and approved of by other ‘gang’ or ‘family’ members. If this was supposed to be an “April Fool’s joke”, it is an example of the type of ‘bad humor and bad times’ that is part of the association which has to do with being enmeshed in, but not a part of many different corporations which include “Eddie Bauer”, “The RJ Reynolds Companies”, and “Johnson & Johnson”. Some perpetrator caused this. The same perpetrator also refused to do anything to help me and insisted that I was ‘mentally ill in high school’ in this sick spite ridden game. This is because I was supposed to ‘go on disability’ to allow this open gateway d\situation to continue in this sick, created, vindictive game and enable the crime but be a beggar with no home, family, or employment myself. I am just a Social worker and an ex-wife of Jerry L. Bauer from Ohio. 😦


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