Gun Control and Rights by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

More About the Origin of Rights (
“You only have any rights because the rest of us pretty much agree that you have them.”

April 11, 2013

One part of the United States is still engaging in “Trespassing on private property/robbery issues” as a supposed part of Corporate crime which includes gross sexual imposition also known as rape to get others fired up as a passive act causing internal Civil Wars.

Regardless of whether this is being done for ‘training purposes’ as the crooks claimed to defend this bad choice and prop up the Sarah Palin political launch (recall Ms Palin saying she was ‘so sexually charged?), This is a reason for people to become armed and dangerous. This “Home Invasion sequence also includes “Sex With Slaves” which is a new name for breaking and entering and rape. (Please see my article on called “How The South Won – parts 1 and 2 for more information about this. The state I came from where this practice was part of a gangland launch so-to-speak is Ohio. I an not part of Congress or Senate, just a Social Worker to be honest, who was prevented from going to graduate school thanks to this grandiose situation being launched in multiple ways, probably for the President Obama Presidential launch.

People jokingly said that some of these issues would literally take “An Act Of Congress” to fix, because the agitators were also engaged in medical racketeering/mental health racketeering to shut down the system and remove people who were not 1. Part of their consensus group, 2. Anti Narcotics in use and tendency, 3. Anti Organized crime in general. This ‘play game’ which is somewhat like military play using civilians who are not able to get military benefits and became homeless and jobless, went on in other states also, like Massachusetts.

Certain politicians were launched based on this or remained in office, or started their political careers in Ohio and then moved to North Carolina where there are a large number of skinheads, blacks who are trapped and in unrest, and retired, bored ex-military people looking for fun and games.

Despite situations arising like the Sandy Hook school shootings, people in general are paying more attention to protecting their lives and property thanks to having knowledge of lane-brained ‘development plans’ like the aforementioned. I am not part of Congress or Senate, but just an American Citizen and a Social Worker. This is “The Other Side Of The Fence” or “The Rest of The Story”.


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