“Nazis and Peace – My Experience Strength and Hope, featuring Prior Secretary of State Henry Kissinger from Germany and President Gerald Ford” by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Thomas Hallerin photograph of Henry Kissinger and President Gerald Ford – 1974

Thomas J O'Halloran photograph of Gerald Ford and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, conversing, on the grounds of the White House, Washington DC, August 16th 1974.

Margo Woelk’s story on NPR is a very interesting story. I had a German maiden name, married someone with a German name, and in high school had a low self esteem so went to a German psychiatrist – from Germany. I had a German pen pal in high school – who was one of many from Hamburg, West Germany, and one of my mother’s best friends in Medina, Ohio was also from Germany – Alfie Ridgley with a German husband. Our landlords in Wooster, Ohio were also from Germany and I became associated with a group of Germans from Germany who were gaining entrance to the United States as a German motorcycle group. My best friend in high school, Linda Penn had a pear shaped body but spoke German fluently because she took all four years of German in high school and then got a scholarship to Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio because her father, who dies was in the field of academics and she did well academically. She did not make it through, though, because of being abused by a group of people thee over a ‘beanie’, and had another nervous breakdown, and was again admitted to a psychiatric hospital and shot up with drugs. I had to think about this Nazi issue more than once in my lifetime and looked at myself as being enmeshed in a group of Germanic people – from Germany and from the United States but with a German identity. I also became aware of the American Nazis in the United States including John Demyanchuk, a Cleveland, Ohio laid off automotive worker living a normal life but using an alias name and identified as part of the American Nazi party.

I have been a victim of crime as long as I can remember – since crawling around as a little kid, when the “crime” was my sister, a year younger biting me hard enough to leave imprints in my skin and moving away, because she wanted a toy I had and was playing with. I recall being an unwanted kid in the family whose clothes were raggedy and smelled because her mother refused to wash her clothes, really being hit by a car as an 11 year old girl and being bloody, scared and scarred and black and blue, along with current memories of being attacked at four in the morning and burglarized ‘because I was there and according to the crooks, was not supposed to be there”.
I think they though I was in another area with my other family members at the time, and I don’t know how they got in, but the court in Wooster, filed an eviction of me and the other details of this non-crime, only because it was never prosecuted but expanded and caused other damage – and was named ‘Sex With Slaves” by the perpetrators was a cause of the Federal government shutdown that many people experienced the backlash of but did not know the causes of.

Someone told us that in Wooster, I, “some” associates from the past, and many others were part of the Kissinger police group – this as juxtapositioned to the Nazis. What is this ‘thing’, I thought? Am I a Nazi, am I the police, what is God’s will in my life, and how do I reconcile what I am with what I am supposed to be. When people keep getting abused, do they turn into Nazis, I wondered? How does this American Nazi political party work?

I did not choose any of this, but this is also part of my ‘bourn id”, as they call it. I today think that being on one side or the other is really a choice made by the people ‘in the thing’. I have seen lots and lots of medical racketeering over the course of time, which is really nothing more that one person getting and accepting ‘bad medical advice’ and the Doctor saying under his or her breath “I hooked another sucker”. Choices which people made and then become more and more of are what they really are, all incidents in life considered, and all reactions over the course of time. This is called ‘clarification of values’ or in other words ‘what is important to the soul that lives inside of ‘that’ body, whoever ‘that’ body is at the time. I remember a rare book that my father had and kept in the basement – on metal shelves with a\many other things – called “Mein Camph” about Adolph Hitler’s life.

At the age of 20, I wasn’t sure why I was in a pocket of German people, when I did not feel like a Nazi, and why the people who I went to high school with, in many cases had all kinds of racial prejudices against anyone identified as ‘not them’ – like a cohesive gang of clique. At the age of 54, I know that I am not a Nazi – but part of the police, whether paid or unpaid, beyond any question of a doubt because this is what I chose. I am aware of the damage that “Nazis” do, and was not interested in being any kind of Nazi leader at any point in time.

In addition to this, please be aware that I am not afraid.


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