Hickory North Carolina: A Hidden Perspective on Egypt and The Nation of Islam


A Trio Of Islamic Women

A Trio Of Islamic Women

In Raleigh, North Carolina, several of the churches a long time ago decided that they, part of the “Nation of Islam” wanted a prayer time every morning at 4:00 am, from 4:00 am to 5:00 am. The folks at the local shelter in Raleigh, called Raleigh Rescue Mission, showed me how the prayer works.

They believe in praying to “Allah” and designated a prayerful POSTURE AS LYING ON THE GROUND, ON A MAT, ON THE CARPET, FACEDOWN, WITH ARMS EXTENDED TO PRAY AND WORSHIP.

One Prayerful Islamic Posture.

One Prayerful Islamic Posture.

Analysts from the United States Defense department say that Egypt is hostile to the United States, and it may have something to do with Egyptian leader Bassam“Yourseff insulting Islam, and being released from jail for the same recently again. Mr. Bassam wants to be respected and have religious and cultural differences be accepted, and the Youseff family has a building here in hickory, NC called “The Youseff Building”, but is disrespectful of a group in The United States trying to do the right thing, by initiating a National Prayer chain. The project continues to fail, because crooks always interrupt the prayerful process and start screaming and yelling at 4:00 am or about that time, which can be heard here in Hickory, N.C. and other areas.

Catholics, Muslins, Jews, Presbyterians, Methodists, Episcopalians and many others have religious freedom in the united States, and an AA meeting, held here in Hickory, North Carolina at noon at St. Aloysius Catholic Church has a poster on the door emphasizing “Religious Rights and Religious Freedom”, but for some reason, we cannot bypass the differences and stop criticizing each other based on that preference. Religious Freedom was also the Issue of The I.R.A. or Irish Republican Army of many years ago, which still has members roaming around in various areas.Prayerfully yours.

Maybe prayerful help will help the above situation to be resolved.


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