The Columbus, Ohio Sandy Barrett Story


The Sandy Barrett Story: Approved of and paid for mental illness amoung us.


By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


Think that women are working together to combat AIDS and be part of a major initiative program like Kaiser currently has?  Think again.


Enter Columbus, Ohio maggot “Sandy Barrett”.  “Sandy first came into my knowledge when she was picked up as some kind of a friend by my youngest sister Lynn.  Sandy, Lynn, and another friend of Lynn’s became roommates at an off campus Ohio State University apartment on Chittenden street, and because of getting pulled into drug trafficking and prostitution, the young women were asked by their landlord to leave.  Lynn was familiar with their friend “Bev” from Medina, Ohio but never knew “Sandy Barrett” before.  Sandy had the heavy dark look of the mob always about her.


Sandy in all ways was a real ‘bitch’, and not one to be admired.  She and her two friends had already dropped out of college and stopped attending classes, when Sandy, a much older person who claimed to be the same age as the other two girls tried to introduce them to this ‘fun’ lifestyle.  The fun lifestyle was supposed to be attractive because Sandy claimed that her family was very rich.  She then got involved in coming to our house on one occasion, because stupid Lynn did not stop her as a friend, when Lynn was supposed to be babysitting our baby son Justin.  Justin was in his crib screaming in a loud way when my husband and I cam home and Sandy was a loud abusive drunk, who was not supposed to be there and was told to leave.  She and my sister at the time drank up every bit of alcohol we had in the house at the time, which was never replenished.  Then, she decided that my husband was supposed to like her regardless of what he said, and regardless of a complaint being filed with the Westerville. Ohio  police.  She was supposed to be there in our condominium on one occasion in a bikini when the police showed up at the door to convince the police she was not a crook and was supposed to be there – but was not invited to be there.


Then, this sociopathi women got involved in being part of my youngest sister Lynn’s wedding, and got lous, obnoxious, and abusive during the wedding and afterward, to cause disruptions there and fight with people.  This woman, who also was a junkie was not disorderly ever, but a “Fun person”.  If I could have cut the association with anyone, it would be someone like this, but this chronic c=headache kept showing up.  She was supposed to be affiliated with another dangerous program called “Sex with slaves” whereas men were used as weapons and attacked women in their own homes and then the local Wooster, Ohio area court filed hostile evictions on them, because the men were whores. 


Then, because I have always been a member of the Episcopal Church, I started attending Trinity on Capital Square in Columbus, Ohio.  Sandy Barrett had loud mouthed obnoxious relatives there telling Father Richard Burnett that “She had better ‘get in’ Or else.  This monster’s relatives allegedly paid poor Father Burnett as payola so that their mentally ill relative could be important.  I still have never heard of “Sandy Barrett” in any arena other than people laughing at this mentally ill “mobster type” to herself, who is other cases would be classified a  “Borderline personality disordered junkie who was hell bent on self destruction and the destruction of other people.  Sandy Barrett for political office?  Who knows.  The point is that certain people pend an excessive amount of time, money, and energy on hate campaigns like the above mentioned, and are never taken to trial.  Why?  Sandy Barrett is her relatives so no matter what she does, that was known about, maybe including heavier crimes, protected another monster from a legal family –.  The “Sandy Barrett” types of the world are very disconcerting to the rest of the people trying to live a decent life and not be bothered with this type, but this obnoxious goon is the “decade’s type of women” in and around New York, Columbus, Ohio and other mob areas and is the reason that normal programming degrades and is the reason that Urban blight takes place.  This is a person who could be “Urban Blight” in person form. 


The problem that as this ‘monster type increases or increases in popularity, other people’s rights, money, property, and pursuit of happiness fade away and disappear. 





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