A Married Couple, Minstrel Theatre, and Something to Think about

A Married Couple, Minstrel Theatre, and Something to Think about

An Old photo of Chief Apostle Archie Jarrell, and Apostle Beverly D. Jarrell, from Full Force Apostolic Church, 320 Winston Street, Greensboro, NC 27401. The church did an award winning presentation on Saturday, May 25, 2013 with the colors of purple and pink the predominant colors seen throughout the church and in the catered area downstairs, which had small centerpieces of fresh lavender flowers atop a purple and lavender tablecloth. The Apostolic Church, during this Pentecost, or renewal season, portrayed Minstrel Theatre in church along with showcasing new singers and theatrical players, who are also members of the church.

In this rendition of Minstrel Theatre, which is old fashioned, and included someone’s nephew Shaun Carey dancing, a white faced Shaun in greasepaint, pointed at the ground and danced from one foot to the other while shaking his head “no”. It was an interesting dance and one that is representative of Minstrel Theatre, which tells a story, and is sometimes about black anger towards white slave owners, in historical way. Other “churchgoers” on Saturday were in good form and one ran or jogged around the church, another laid on the ground in front of the church and had a blanket put over her, and other was throwing up in a small trash can at the back of the church, and other frantically danced.

Another part of Minstrel Theatre at The Apostolic Church included a man standing behind the ‘alter wall’ with the word “SIN” in a large circle crossed out and blood behind the insignia. Casting out evil spirits? Maybe.


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