My Son in a Cage – last letter from him – now a missing person…

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Son in a Cage – introducing Justin Bauer by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber.

Norman Rockwell’s “Mermaid In A Cage”
Kimberly’s “A Son In A Cage”.
This Mermaid being hauled around in a cage could represent a man
who needed to control a
whore in “Sex With Slaves” – a
real life ‘development program’
that The State Of Ohio came up
with to attain wealth.
Nursing homes, ‘beautiful women’ dying men,
and people living alone
all are a part of this real life Ohio drama
that is based in “Reality Theatre”

This is an email lead I recently received.  Maybe this is the truth.  Thanks! 🙂
There is a man by the name of Justin Jeremy Bauer in the Gaston county jail located in Gastonia North Carolina. You can verify this by visiting their website.
He claims that his mother is Kimberly Ann Koerber who was born in Medina

Soon After receiving the link of where Justin was and sending the sender a “thank you” by email, I received a letter from him dated March 10, 2011.

The letter is as follows:

Dear Mom,

Hello its me  – your son.  How are you?  Me – not so good.  I’m in jail in Gaston County in Gastonia North Carolina but I’ll get back to that.  First let me say I was extremely excited to of  finally found you (assuming this letter gets to you).  I’ve tried several times but have been unsuccessful.  My drug counselor is the one who actually found you for me.  I was so grateful.  Its been so long.  I miss you very much and love you very much so what is going on with you?  Are you OK?  Although I haven’t got to see it my counselor tels me you also have a blog on the Internet.  Pretty neat.  I hate I can’t talk to you or hear your voice.  The phones here only make collect calls – you have to put “Securus” minutes on a phone.  I’m not sure if you have any interest but if you look up Gaston County Jail in Gastonia, North Carolina – get their phone number and they will tell you how to do it.  Also you should be able to look me up along with my mug shot photo + probably list of charges they have me in here on.  But anyhow, let me tell you a little about what’s been going on with me overall I guess I’ve been fine.  Was working in Florida for a paint company doing pretty good then all of a sudden one day they went bankrupt and all work stopped. While down there I met a girl that was from Mooresville, North Carolina who moved in with me.  After stuff got bad with work and all construction got bad and work was nearly impossible to find in the area I was in Florida so she suggested we move to where she was from and where her parents live.  Without much of a choice I finally agreed to after a few weeks I got another job painting (which I ‘ve really gotten quite good at over the years) had us an apartment had my own truck and everything went real smooth for a couple of years.  Not trouble no problems – nothing.  Then I found out one day she was cheating on me  I was so heart broken,  I really loved this

…and writing and writing and writing…

girl but even after giving her another chance she did it again so needing to get away and having no other choice I called a friend.  I met in Florida who was also from North Carolina too – Gastonia.  Sold my truck to afford rent and food and got a place with him and a job painting again.  We got along real good.  Pretty good Friend.  Anyhow, after a while stuff also got slow with that job and eventually got laid off around that same time.  I met my friends sister and we started to date.  I got a new job + she helped me get to work and back and we started to fall in love.  My friend warned me to stay away from her – she was only trouble but I didn’t listen.
Eventually I moved in with her and her two kids and bought me another truck which I still have now.  Nothing special – a 94 Ford Ranger.  a little beat up but it’s mine.  I paid for it from working title in my name and everything but after working for this new guy a few months he made me foreman.  Everything was going good again but after awhile just like all the other jobs work got slow again.  I got laid off.  Sucks and since I’ve never really made a whole big bunch of money, I’ve always lived week by week and was unable to save any money so things started to get real bad.  We were going to get our power shut off, lose our place to live and started to not have any thing to eat so when you with someone a while you start to feel like their kids are your kids too even if they are not you.  Know like we were one family so I was trying everything I could to keep us going from taking some scrap metal from the side of the road to desperately seeking employment. Some how along the way my girlfriend met another couple.  She was a drug dealer and he was a thief who had a baby together.  Pretty soon she befriended them + gave them a place to stay with us because they had a power bill they couldn’t afford not long after that Shanna my girlfriend started to sell prescription pills too and sold them to a Confidential Source of information on several occasions.  She is in this jail too.  On one occasion I took her to sell some of the pills and handed the informant the pills and got the money which is 3 or so of my charges so now she is in jail, I’m in jail, and ll of my clothes, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, truck, title, TVs and pretty much everything I own is at a rented house in Gastonia.  I write her on the other floor she is on and she said that her cousin is living there with her kids for now but for how long – I don’t know with no job.  But anyhow I’m sure everything will work itself out, hopefully, but I’ve been in two months longer than her.  Let me explain why the other couple who was living with us – the drug dealer and the thief were living with us a while and suddenly he started bringing all kinds of merchandise into the house.  All kinds of different stuff like radios, CD players, navigation systems, a 3006 gun, just all kinds of different stuff and telling us all along it was his stuff he got from a flea market.  After I became a little closer to him he told me not to become mad and explained to me he was getting all these things from stealing from cars and then told me if I drove him somewhere one night he would pay me.  Not having any option I decided to take him and made the stupid decision to help him one night and one night only.  All the while this guys was doing it for weeks – maybe months.  Anyhow some time that night we were seen and eventually followed home.  The people who followed us called the cops and soon after they showed up at my house – arrested me and the other boy in the house and even though I was far from innocent I was not involved in everything I was accused of .  You see all of the stuff that was in the house most of which he stole alone, they charged us both with.  92 charges in all.  Really sucks.  But I just wanted to tell you  my story .  I think you deserve to know the truth.  Anyhow now I’m not really sure what I’m facing as far as time is concerned.  I think the other guy involved is trying to blame everything on me but still waiting to see my lawyer.  Been here over 2 months and we still haven’t seem one yet but anyhow I’m really hope that your happy to hear from me though I hate the circumstances on which it happened.  I’m really excited to hear back from you.  After all your my mom + I love you very much  Your the only family I have left in the world.  I’m really scared, nervous, anxious, and really just need you Mom.  If only to write with me back and forth.  I’m very sorry that I ever lost touch with you but glad that I finally found you.  I’m not sure how well you get around these days but if by some miracle of God you decide to come see write me back and tell me so I can add you on  to my visitation list.  Last visits are on Monday for me but if you call the jail they will probably tell you everything you need to know as far as visits go and you cannot send me anything in the mail – no socks, no underwear, no cash, nothing except pictures, letters, and money orders.  They are very strict.  Even if you came here in person they won’t let you give them cash or a money order.  Only way is to put money on my account is to send a money order through he mail.  The jail will explain to you too if you decide to call please don’t in anyway take this as me asking for money.  I really don’t expect that.  I just wanted you to know in case you were wondering I’m happy that I found my mom again!!! I’ve got a lot of questions for you like first and foremost how are you? And how have you been?  Are you OK?  Are you remarried or have a boyfriend?  are you working?  Do you have a car?  I’m sorry if I seem nosey but it really stinks that the only thing I know about my own mom is that she lives in a Motel One in Columbus on Main Street and has a biog on the Internet.  Please just write me back.  I would love to hear from you Mom.  I love you and miss you and I can only hope that you still love me too but I don’t know what else to write for now.  Just want to make sure this letter gets to you before I go too far overboard but still got so much to tell you in all.

                                                                                                         Love you,
                                                                                          Your son

                                                        ( written)                       Justin Bauer
                                                    (hand printed)                   Justin Jeremy Bauer


Response to Justin (which he will receive)

Dear Justin,

It was nice to receive your letter.  My fiance’, John Drilling who also does painting as part of construction was asking questions because he says he wants a ‘no soap opera’
life with few people around and wondered how you knew where I was, so I let him read your letter.  John and I are coming to Raleigh, N.C. within two weeks, I think.  He already got the tickets.  Because of Wooster Rathole people acting out, I have been in a position of dependency for a long time and am currently dependent on John.  I do not like it.  He wants to remind me daily that I am a bum who does not work: because of crooks in administration in Ohio I haven’t been able to get hired to do much of anything for money here for years.  I would like to be employed again, and run “The Indigo Drum” as itself with projected plan and itinerary using college interns which they blocked at O.S.U. out of spite, as part of a racketeering plan for the College of Social Work, which is under investigation.  I maintain my Facebook page and my blogspot called “Born To Be Miserable” at  John wanted to read this before he angrily left today and started spouting off again.  He, on this day in history which the lord hath given us, claims that he is not going to Raleigh with me, but is having severe headaches and already bought the Greyhound bus tickets, so we will see what occurs.  John is a cabdriver for Acme cab and is basically ok but has a mental illness and refuses to get treatment so smokes weed which helps him to not get ‘Out of Control’.  We have been in a relationship ever since I met him at The Salvation Army in Wooster, Ohio.  The medicinal effects of smoking weed are strong and have been noted since observers saw and experienced ‘peace pipes’ on American Indian reservations and in Indian tribal areas.  Clinicians, including doctors and people treating mental illnesses knew about this also and that certain people preferred weed to heavy chemicals with a residual effect.  Some practitioners frown on the use of weed and call this ‘self-medication’ while others who are more liberal think this is a valid treatment – like a manufactured medicine.  Too bad weed is not being
decriminalized in Ohio or moving toward legalization, but instead we have kooks like “Cornbread’ running around with guns as fake police causing trouble who are correlated with marijuana in Ohio.
                                                                                              Much love,

On a Belated Birthday card to Justin my verse:
“Three Days of Grace”
“Remember me?”
I look like the beautiful
butterfly photographed live ‘again’
‘on the rock driveway’ at
Bauer’s house
at 1785 Akron Road,
Wooster, Ohio.
by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber
The Cow Moos
The Rooster Crows
The People pay dues
The City Tows
Through Sparkled pane glass…
I observe.
Grace rehabs the lands
A temporary home: The Motel One
Many Rooms, Different Stands
A Team could arise to see the sun
Can’t say more or less…
I Think.
Trees line the street
One Two Three, Four, Five
The Pattern a repeat
All Unique, not clones from a hive
Slanted roofs with runoff…
I Feel
                                                                  I am broke thanks to crooks 😦
                                                                              Much Love Anyhow,
                                                                                         Kimberly and John
On Saturday, March 26, 2011…
Justin sent another letter.  He asked that this not be on the Internet.  My response to him was this:
Dear Justin,
Enclosed is a card I made for you about Deb Nichols.  Recall her?   
John and I will be staying at The Salvation Army Shelter in Raleigh if we get in.  If not, I don’t know. what we will do.  John said that he looked up the newspaper article about you in the Gastonia paper and that you have a $200,000.00 bond.  
Maybe you should call a bailbondsman.  Your aunt Cheryl Newman is on Facebook.  She and her friends are supposed to be rich, important gangsters.  Maybe she can help you.  When John and I were in Chicago, Illinois, and I called her from the payphone at the Grey hound bus station, someone answered the phone, put her on, and she said she had no sister named Kim, but she has always been like this in my life.  Then, she started hassling me on Facebook.  This would be classified as a funny joke.  [hahahaha:(]You are her nephew, though.   Maybe this important gangster will help you.  Her address in Chicago is this:
                    Cheryl and Roy Newman
                    1028 S. Kenilworth Avenue
                     Oakpark, Illinois  60304-1915
phone number is (708) 386-8344

P.S.- If John agrees to get and pay for a valid Ohio i.d. for me, there may be a delay, since they are not open on the weekend and we are supposed to leave at about 2:30 am on Monday morning.  I did jot lose my Driver’s License because of careless driving – this happened because I had no money to pay for a driver’s license and he made not enough money driving a cab to pay for ‘extraneous things” like this.  Because of fraud in Ohio, I have not been able to get hired for a job.  I understand that I died. Oh well. 😦


                                                                                                                            March 28, 2011

Dear Friends,

After further consideration, I decided to put Justin’s last letter on the internet anyhow, In additon to my most recent response.

Justin Bauer
425 N. Marietta 
Gastonia, N.C. 
Dear Mom,
     I was glad to hear from and receive your letter today.  I was starting to wonder if you got mine and was interested in writing me back if you didn’t get it.  I’m glad to see you were and although I don’t see how putting my letter on the internet is going to help  but kind of hurt my feelings because it was kinda of a personal  letter to you but I guess like the saying goes “Mother Knows Beat” would apply to this situation.  But like I was saying, I was extremely happy to  hear from you and it was good to read that you were happy to hear from me too but how come your letter was so short even though I admire your being direct and right to the point.  I guess it’s not really what I expected after so long from not hearing from you.  Your still my mom and I still love you very much which gives me a degree of concern about what I mean is – How are you doing.  Doing good?  Doing bad.  Are you safe?  I assume your not remarried because your last name is the same.  Are you working?  Are you driving?  What’s going on in your life?  I’m truly not trying to be nosey but I’m your son and am just curious.  But don’t get me wrong, I was really glad to hear back from you.  It really brightened my day up.  But all in all, I’m ok.  Doing the best i can to keep my chin up day in and day out even though this place is depressing as hell.  But now that I found my mom your the ray of sunshine that brightens my days.  I was really starting to feel like there was nobody left in the world who cared about me left.  But for now, it’s getting late and I want to get this letter in the mail as soon as possible so it finds its way to you.  I love you Mom.  Please keep in close touch and write back soon.

                                                                                                        Your Son,

                                                                 (printed)                   Justin Bauer
                                                                 (written)                    Justin Bauer

Response from me:

Dear Justin,

     Enclosed are two hand crocheted snowflakes.  These snowflakes, which could be made by anyone, could be given out as a goodwill gesture to various foreign operatives.  Right now, the U.S. has issues with illegal immigration of blacks from various African countries.  Instead of this, “Someone’s” development plan was to have cabdrivers take prostitutes door to door to sell cocaine and other drugs in Ohio.  This is the “Snowflakes Cult” also.  The money for The Indigo Drum (same as the color you now see  – blue) was ripped off in Wooster, Ohio.  This is why I am moving to Raleigh, N.C. which is supposed to be better than Ohio.  I have no desire to work for the Mob.  We are leaving tomorrow instead of today.  Today is Monday.  Also, a crook wanted your Aunt Cherie, who graduated from high school in 1977 (lucky sevens as in gambling) to ‘win’ and have crooked friends using my name.  That project failed when I filed a Federal fraud complaint.

     I need grant funding for “the Indigo Drum” and it WILL SAIL in another state without KKK harassment.  Besides, “Born To Be Miserable” I just started a new blogspot called “White Color Copies Only” about paranormal activity and paranormal investigations.  This is a contributor site.
                                                                                                               Much Love,


Justin Jeremy Bauer – Last photo taken while in jail. Where is he?JustinBauer



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