“Mobster Harassment of Homeless People” by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Here In Greensboro, NC, we currently have an issue with Mobsters trying to control and bully, and ‘boss around’ homeless people’. The site is “Under and Around the Bridge”. In the past, the development for this area had to do with ‘drugs of the world’, particularly crack, pulling people into prostitution, the organ transplant issue, and money laundering, The problems came from various areas including, but not limited to Columbus, Ohio. Crooks were trying to make cocaine instead of alcohol the object of ‘prohibition’ in a speakeasy, similar to what occurred during the roaring twenties. Smuckers of Strawberry Hill, an international company located in Orrville, Ohio is interested in prosecuting and in suing the originators of this development plan, because they stole “strawberry enhancer” to make ‘strawberry crack’ and ‘strawberry crystal meth’. The strawberry enhancer is used to make strawberry jam taste better. In addition, Smuckers said that they had no knowledge of this development and did not participate as a company when asked about this.

Last week, late in the week, I talked with an unfortunate man who was hobbling around looking for shelter originally and had a black eye. Today, the same man was walking around on crutches, is still using crutches and reported having a broken ankle, and is in a safe shelter. He said that the mob assailant was a large, abusive black man who is probably part of a team or gang. He claimed that this one man, his assailant was locked up and is currently in jail here in Greensboro, NC but this type of thing is part of a behavior pattern that needs to be of concern to journalists, human rights people, and others who care about the safety and sanctity of people in general, particularly people who at this time have no home at all and are sleeping outside.

Interested parties are invited to help with this ‘make the mob an example by laughing at it” project, instead of people like e this poor man who was assaulted by a crook while sleeping.


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