Dear Kim Gandy…..

June 21, 2013



Dear Kim Gandy from NOW.

What is Going on with Women:  Angry Females Leading Coalitions Causing Trouble

1.  “Liz”.  Caucasian.  This woman was part of Alcoholics Anonymous in Columbus, Ohio.  Crooks set up her area to be a model after clothing from New York warehouses was burned up and brought to Schottenstein’s in Columbus, Ohio.  The woman came to Alcoholics Anonymous at the time because my spouse, Jerry L. Bauer, at the time and I saw her show, which was to take off her clothing and rub herself against a pole on stage.  She has long blonde hair and is supposed to be picked because they set up a string of look alikes and she is part of the string.  These women all have long blonde hair and are supposed to be known as “Liz”.  They were supposed to help to launch the Trump Casino project, which had financial problems, and which she never helped with, but was seen around Lynchburg, Virginia, where Reverend Dr. Jerry Falwell was killed, another version of her was seen in Burlington, NC as one of the witches with the cartel.

2.  Lillian.  An elderly woman in her 60’s with long stringy hair that used to be brown and now is probably grey mixed with brown.  She was a Harley Davidson biker type, had dirty fingernails, and was supposed to be from Germany.  Lillian ran away and was part of AA with a group of men. The other German biker types of people did not ride Harley Davidson motorcycles and were looking for this woman who was not part of their group.  They were in Wooster, Ohio and she was” wherever.“ During the time we lived in Wooster, Ohio at 1785 Akron road, ‘strawberry cocaine was launched as their development project, and some group used “Slinky’s septic system cleaners to take Deutschmarks out of a front lawn under the lawn ‘bank” with a suction hose.

3.  Tiffany Dumas.  A Black coalition leader working for IRC in Greensboro, NC who hates whites. She is supposed to be in a position there at IRC as a Volunteer Coordinator and does not want whites volunteering with the agency she works for which is supposed to help homeless people in Greensboro, NC.  Right now, there is a problem with a group of homeless people sleeping outside around a bridge here in Greensboro, NC, and she is aware of this and is soon to be tlked to by a group of church ladies in regard to using better sense. 


My Development project. Called “The Indigo Drum” was ignored because of people like this creating major chaos.

These women and many others who were followers contributed to the problems that were seen in Columbus, Ohio

By the way, Kim Gandy, you may have contributed to the mess also.  When we had problems with Indians from India, (since you have an Indian last name), our contact is from the State Department for that and is out in Lacrosse, Wisconsin – Episcopal Clergy would be him with several wives. This development project is a peacemaking project and as of yet we still have not had an organizational meeting because of all of the troublemakers who came to Ohio, but the project was entered in a contest recently that Entrepreneur Magazine had which closed on June 16, 2013.  The Indigo Drum is a projected anti-crime Urban Development computer based project.  Crooks stirred up so much trouble that I was prevented from going to graduate school, which I still am interested in doing, and robbed my house, and caused all kinds of other trouble.  You can see what I look like on my Facebook page – and am fat because I am not interested in being sexually harassed anymore!/kimberly.koerber3
  My fiancé John Drilling is there also.  In addition to all of this, Eddie Bauer, which was also in Ohio because a victim of crime and I ‘think’ they moved back to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This problem started up in Wooster, Ohio with a bunch of trash starting trouble, starting, and running a Pagan cult, in addition to the dirty court system they had there, and the “Miller family”. 

None of these people seemed to have any kind of development project other that running a Strawberry cocaine ring (crack). I get your cell phone messages regularly, but my fiancé and I are currently in Greensboro, NC.  I am in a role as an “Unpaid Government Intern” and I am trying to get this government project started but need legal counsel who is capable of helping with this, which I cannot pay for, and need to file a personal bankruptcy so that I can get a car again. I was a member of NOW a long time ago and worked in the NOW office when I was a student at Ohio University a long time ago, but had to drop out of college at that time. Do you do Pro Bono Hours?  Thanks much.


                          Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


Another day in the life of…


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