The M & M Club – Microsoft and Mobsters

Dear Microsoft/Bing.

Hello Microsoft - The World's Largest Computer Company... :)

Hello Microsoft – The World’s Largest Computer Company… 🙂

There is some kind of maggot interface online. They are in Hickory, NC and are supposed to be in some hospital or nursing home setting or environment “hooking people up to IV’s with drugs” to get people thin. This is supposed to be a government project. They are endangering all kinds of people. This is through Abernathy Nursing Homes in hickory, NC. A Federal complaint was already filed. Can Microsoft/Bing do anything about this? These maggots can be heard on the police/intelligence internet in an auditory way and the crime rings wants to put people who are not part of the crime on disability to then either beat them up and put them in the Abernathy Nursing Home and use their credentials to commit crimes. The thing is that I have a Federal project that needs to be funded. The crooks started this abuse in Wooster, Ohio and started a witch/pagan cult first. Then some of the perpetrators were supposed “Good Christian” type as a positioning ploy. My “Peace project, which has merit, and is supposed to be multicultural, is located at

Crooks burglarized my home in Wooster, Ohio and one of the people who are part of the Abernathy cult is a friend of my son’s from Wooster, Ohio named “Sutton Abernathy”. This is his family’s business. He is not a bad person, but is still from a Mobster group. Can Microsoft/Bing help with this? Thanks.
My resume is located at so you can see who I am. I am just a Social Worker, though, not a prosecutor.
Sometimes you can hear the maggots talk about some kind of weird sex thing they have called “Masturbating in Mirrors”. Maybe this involved cutting cocaine on mirrors, a common practice in trafficking/drug use rings or some kind of perverted sex thing. Who knows – but it sounds scary.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


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