“White Slavery – A Story” by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Another 'mystery man' with Fair Girls

Another Man with Fair Girls.

Another Man with Fair Girls.

“What is White Slavery?”

White slavery or White Slaves may refer to:
• Arab slave trade, the enslavement of Europeans, often captured by Barbary pirates
• A term for Sexual slavery, used to distinguish it from the system of slavery that had been imposed on black people in the Americas.
• Redlegs, a class of poor whites that lived on colonial Caribbean islands[dubious – discuss]
• White Slaves (film), the English title for the 1937 German film Weiße Sklaven directed by Karl Anton
From Wikipedia: the free encyclopedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_slavery
White slavery seems to be a particular problem right now for some odd reason, because someone wanted black children and wanted white women to produce the black children, but be worthless and have no value. This is a problem that showed up in my life in Columbus, Ohio because there is now an enormous group of blacks there, and again, ‘no one’ is responsible for this.’ This seems to affect women who are of childbearing age, and may include other women who did not report this is abuse. This is supposed to look like an appealing lifestyle, and there are ‘attractive people’ who are trying to get young women interested in this lifestyle which is free, does not have problems attached to it supposedly, and is similar to other destructive trends that occurred. Wytheville, Virginia is aware of this trend and is mainly a Caucasian community. The young female family members they had were attracted to the truck stops near the city of Wytheville, Virginia, close to the interstate and the girls were supposed to be there to sell crack, marijuana, and etc. to the truck drivers and so now the entire city of Wytheville, Virginia established current social policy against this, because they love their daughters, want them to be safe, and want their juvenile daughters who are underage to not just ‘disappear’ and never come back. Part of the problem here could have to do with the Human Organ transplants cult, which should be made illegal in the United States, which always needs fresh organs that are an exact match and donors. This is a greed driven area of organized crime also.
Some of the incidents that involve this are currently a known string of 10 and 11 year old girls who are being killed or reported as missing and in Wayne County, Ohio, a young girl found ‘in pieces” after visiting the local Wayne County fair, and some of the young Amish women disappearing and never being found. This is a very interesting thing.
When I was young, and people talked about similar things, I thought it was ‘fake’, and had to do with ‘control issues’. I think this has to do with a point of view or argument positioning area, which keeps repeating over and over again. I was hit by a car at that age and survived.
There was someone who started “Dating on Facebook” in Burlington, NC. This was supposed to be a popular girl’s thing to do. The questionable thing is that the girls were supposed to be part of an Empowerment group for young women called “Fair Girls”. This organization is online. Has the FBI ever checked out the validity of this organization, which appeared on the front page of a newspaper called “USA Today”? ‘Fair Girls’ claims to be the fastest growing group in the United States, according to the article.
This supposedly popular girl or boy person sounded plain mean, like some kind of skinhead. Since someone who got into the police/intelligence mode and could be heard kept insulting me and claimed that I ‘had no degree’ when i was a licensed Social worker in Ohio from 1990 to 2010, I decided to try to contact “Fair Girls” myself and see what they said and did and never received any response from them at all. Although I am just a Social worker and am currently not licensed in North Carolina, every job and I have ever had has interfaced with the police for one reason or another. Even before, I graduated from college. I still get no police salary, and am not disabled and do not want to go on “Disability” because the crooks want me to be mentally ill – to enable the crime.

More will be revealed….

When I went to the FairGirls Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/fairgirls.org and tried to download of save their picture, this man showed up as one of the people in the group 'behind' FairGirls.  I have no idea who the man is.

When I went to the FairGirls Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/fairgirls.org and tried to download of save their picture, this man showed up as one of the people in the group ‘behind’ Fair Girls. I have no idea who the man is.

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