Dear White House – This crime cult sucks. Why Can’t you do something about it?

I would like to know how to stop being a victim of racketeering.  This started when I lived in Wooster, Ohio.  I filed for divorce because of domestic violence but lived in the same household with my ex-spouse because my son was there.  I was not able to get a job but was licensed as a Social Worker in Ohio from 1990 to 2010.  Crooks spun a crime ring around this and made Ohio worse and worse.  Some of this occurs in the shelter system. The crooks racketeer women they do not like for one reason of another and then start businesses but do not hire the victim and prevent the victim from attaining employment elsewhere.  They are using the police/intelligence “voice”‘ to do this and also do this in person.  I met my fiancé, John Drilling at The Salvation Army Shelter.  We have been engaged for about 6 years but he keeps coming up with excuses not to get married and when our time is up in one shelter we move to another.  He was part of the group from Wooster, Ohio named “Miller’ who told me that I had to leave my house and all my belongings after a year because my ex-spouse was not coming back and I could not pay the “rent” at the time, although they had a white slavery system set up where goon come into the house in the middle of the night and rape the victim.. Before my ex-husband left our house located at 1785 Akron Road, he said “Too bad – we are no longer married” and that I was supposed to ‘sell’.  This gang is running a drug ring.   I did not sell, but am then supposed to be stuck in the shelters.  Some of these women do nothing but scream and yell at each other and look for problems with each other and I would prefer not to be trapped in this environment.  He had a job in Wooster, Ohio with this “Miller” family driving a cab, so is this gang’s friend.  They claim that they are only trying to sell marijuana, because Miller is a popular name, and there were many Amish people in Wayne County – aka Wooster, Ohio who would have been involved in marijuana, a docile ‘drug’ and one that they are trying to legalize and decriminalize in various states. However, this group is also into money laundering, from other countries and locally, the organ transplant area, and prostitution and claim that ‘victims’ have to be involved in one of these areas. They aborted the Kissinger Peace project many times named “The indigo Drum” which was supposed to start there because of all of the German people there from Germany, some of whom were in the Amish areas.  This gang is also extortion based. Then, the crime ring wants certain people like me to be mentally ill and go on disability to enable them to use my name.  Mr. Drilling and I have 19 days left in this shelter, but some of these other shelters are the same way. Before, I was fascinated by some of the people and was evaluating the people and the environments because one of my interest areas is Sociology and these people are interesting to a degree. Thanks.


                                                                                     Image   Kimberly! 🙂


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