Abusing women all over the world – A Misogynistic Racket

Another Racket found is to abuse women by forcing them to stay with men who do not love them, do not want to go to church, do not want the women to develop a career path, and want to get involved with whores to get the whores pregnant,
Then, a mob gang takes all of the children away because the women are unfit, and this is a corporate development plan because the children are all given the same name.
The adult women are then ‘thrown away’ when they can no longer bear children. This is an example of a ‘great development plan’ that includes all kinds of things that are illegal with a’lure’, for instance like “Liz”, a prostitute who was picked for this, with long stringy blonde hair and a haggard face, who later became part of a witch cult after she died her hair to a darker color as a so called ‘promotion’. The problem is that the women really was a pagan leader.
An anonymous informant was talking about this Nazi development plan on the public/police internet in Greensboro, NC as something that really happened and shut down real corporate development and created nothing but separation between people and terrorism. An anonymous informant was talking about this in Greensboro, NC on the police/intelligence internet.


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