The “Black Box” Crime Ring by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

The “Black Box Crime ring has to do with abusing females in particular by putting their phone numbers from resumes into a ‘black box’ receiver, as part of a phone phishing game. 

The victim cannot receive important phone calls or phone calls to be interviewed for a job,and then the crime ring people use the victim’s credentials to commit crimes – for instance in the nurImagesing home crime ring found in hickory, NC.   This is because these agencies and places of employment that deal with human beings are generally audited.  

This could be how the crooks established the same name in a string with the same Social Seurity number over and over again.  This particular crime ring seems to like men better than women and tend to want to victimize women in the fraud game for some reason, so that the woman has to go on Social Security Disability.  I think this is how this cult got their whores in who were from organized crime to begin with to ruin other people’s lives.


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