Three Federal Complaints Filed Recently from Greensboro, NC -Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

1.  Patterson Personnel

July 12, 2013

Dear White House,

There is another problem that came from Ohio that ended up in North Carolina.  Patterson Personnel, who are an employment agency got involved in the hostile escheat of companies in Wooster, Ohio, refused to place people who went to them in places of employment, became very rich, and ran as governor or some state – New York, I think, although I may be wrong about the state. Instead of placing people in professional employment, they may have used their contacts to abuse and shut down companies and the people who would have worked there, and may have used crooked disability lawyers to put these people on disability, which the Federal Government has to pay for. They were a problem in Wooster, Ohio also and told people that they were supposed to be a model family with many relatives from “The Limited Companies”, from Columbus, Ohio.   The “Limited Companies” claim that the Pattersons were never them.

This “Patterson” pattern is part of the American Nazi pattern and is part of the hostile escheat and company shut down problem that certain districts in the United States are now experiencing.

Assistance is also needed in regard to this. 


Kimberly! J


2.  Crooked Mexican Catholic Priest

There is a crooked Mexican Catholic Priest using the name of Father Iglacious and he has some other name.  This is not the man’s name as listed in the church bulletin.  This is going on at St Aloysius church in Hickory, NC, they have a large group of Mexicans there, and special church services for the Mexicans and Mexican children. In that area or Hickory, NC, there is no computer hub peace project, and there is a Ku Klux Klan political launch where they ruin someone’s life and put the person in a nursing home controlled by them, to launch someone else into a political position.  There is also another victim in this mess – a man named Mr. West.  West was appointed to work for the Board of Regents, to investigate academic fraud and misconduct, crooks amputated his left leg, and the lower part of his thorax on that side of his body so that he is wheelchair bound and cannot even get an artificial leg. Informants claim that West was part of the Ku Klux Klan also.  Another Klan leader works at the Hickory, NC Salvation Army.  He is a tall large man with bright blue eyes and white grey hair and uses the first name of “Jerry.” This crooked Mexican priest who is there is adding to the problems because when my fiancé and I had to go to the church to ask them for money to go to another area, that priest got ignorant with us.  He told us to wait outside, and then slammed the church doors and put yellow police tape on the door.  The man acts as if he has no education or tact and the white group up there is already a problem.  I think a Mexican police agent (a Federal agent) went up there from here, Greensboro, NC, but others have to know about this problem in Hickory, NC. The nursing home name is Abernathy.  I have a son, Justin Bauer, who is missing also and he was a friend of a son from Abernathy Nursing Home Corporation – and the Abernathy kid has the first name of “Sutton – aka “Sutton Abernathy” is his full name. There is also a crooked college professor there, from Lenore Rhyne University (which has no graduate or law school) named Mark McRae who says he has all kinds of Egyptian friends and is always looking for people to invest in his mining businesses. They also picked a woman who stays at the Salvation Army as a political launch and her name is “Angie”.  There are all kinds of whites circling around in cars up there to further add to the confusion.  Can the European Union do something about Hickory, North Carolina’s  problem? 


3.  Crooked Asian Catholic Priest 

July 12, 2013

To Whom It Concerns,

There is a crooked Catholic Asian Catholic priest at St Benedict’s Catholic Church here in Greensboro, NC. The last time my fiancé, named John Drilling, and I were here in Greensboro, NC, we went to St Benedict’s Catholic Church and we were trapped here so John asked the priest for money for us to go to another area. The Asian Catholic priest gave John $200.00 and said that he and I could not get married in the Catholic Church unless someone from the Catholic Church had a copy of my ex-husband’s death certificate.  My ex-husband is Jerry L. Bauer, and he is part of Eddie Bauer Corporation.  Other Catholic priests say that this ‘death certificate’ is not needed, but John Drilling is not listening to this, and keeps making excuses not to get married, this is one of the excuses. I think someone needs to know about this.  This Asian Catholic priest man is nice, gentile, and non-violent and the Catholic Church here is small and is the “angel voiced church” because of the church choir.  “Facebook” is also playing games and blocked messages being sent to the Delegation of the European Union to the United States through them.There is also no way to contact The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime located at because the ‘conversation box’ is stuck.

Regards, Kimberly! J



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