“Malachi House – An agency for Men and their families”, by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

A fan of Malachi House

“A Fan of Malachi House”



From an anonymous female informant:

“If I had to say what one thing was missing from my life it would be the type of person that Malachi House is developing. They are a treatment facility/agency for men, and come to Weaver House shelter (part of Urban Ministries), in Greensboro, NC one day a week (now on Tuesdays) so that people who stay there can meet the people from Malachi House, and see what their programs are. They also bring delicious meals with them which are prepared by the men from Malachi House and are served after the meeting at Weaver House.

Malachi House used to house both women and men but they stopped housing women and now cater exclusively to men and their theme is “Building Stronger Husbands and Fathers”. Too many women have to put up with loser husbands, and loser men in general. If the men are ‘propped up, then women, including wives and daughters have a much better chance of succeeding in life.
In my family of origin, I was programmed for failure, because of my family playing favorites, and not really wanting me to be the person I was. I am glad that I had strong teachers (like my grade school art teacher who encouraged me to succeed and draw and place my artwork in the frames of the elementary school which I attended) and my high school guidance counselor, Stan O’Connor, who I complained to all of the time about abuse in my family of origin, and who encouraged me to get more involved with other things in life and at school , and not to run away from home. I wish my parents had gone to my high school tennis matches and done things that would have shown support, but they were fixated on themselves at the time and in degrading me to make my sister Cherie, “the ugly one” a star.  I did have other role models around me, and strong friends, but my parents were never the strong parents I wanted them to be.”

Malachi House, a winning concept and a real agency, is also looking for and in need of funding and expansion.  In Greensboro, NC they offer drug treatment services, and in Cleveland, Ohio they are a place for the terminally ill.  Their site in Greensboro, NC is located at  http://malachihouse2.org/Home_Page.html


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