“Psychiatric Treatment is an Option, as is Personality Formation” by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Also known as “One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest – which person is the Kook?”


We have a problem that I ‘thought’ was local to Wooster, Ohio but the problem keeps repeating in the field with different people, that keeps repeating.  What occurred is that Teamsters thugs ‘bred’.  Their offspring are rude, ignorant bitches, who they then kill people and embezzle the system to get into ‘star’ roles.  Generally, these ‘movie stars’ are ugly, fat, not the police, and have a myriad of issues, but burn up a lot of money just like this old Teamsters Cult did.  These ‘stars’ do not sing of dance and are generally part of the prostitution cartel, having sex and then racketeering the people they are involved with.  I am currently in Lexington, NC and the problem is also here.  What these thugs did was use other people’s names and Social Security numbers to get their people in and then they are useless except to continue the crime cycle.  I am currently in North Carolina, and this is a problem here also, in the white population.  Blacks have other criminal gangster issues. 

I ‘think” some of these people were supposed to be part of casinos, but there is no way to force the issue.  I ‘think’ many of them were affiliated with or part of the automotive/trucking/heavy manufacturing industry like Chrysler and others.  Some of the crooks were supposed to be part of the steel industry and did not bother to get the additional education needed to be of value to the problems in any way, but became an additional headache.  Underlying issues include but are not limited to curable psychiatric disorders like ‘dependent personality disorders’, ‘narcissistic character disorders’ ‘borderline character disorders’ and the like and Mental Health treatment, particularly in the urban areas is traditionally poor.  I ‘was licensed in Social Work for 20 years in Ohio but am not employed in mental health, and am not a contract provider of mental health services.  Instead of listening to me or others in the field, crooks chose to ‘barrel over’ people and got involved in large scale Mobster/gangster activity.

Since the people who really are sick are not being court ordered to get counseling, the problem persists.


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