Lexington, NC and The Egyptian Cult – Another version of “Reality Theatre” by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

“Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church, 619 South Main Street, Lexington, NC says “WELCOME FRIENDS!”

"Eyes to see - with the wings of a bird".

“Eyes to see – with the wings of a bird”.

                                The Rule of Thumb here:  “If you want to know the meaning of a tattoo, ask the wearer”.  This                      Egyptian tatoo has special meaning also, just like tatoos from the United States to wearers of tattoos.

Currently, in Lexington, NC, as ‘part of the Educational Summer series in the field’, someone set up a Crucifixion Cult scenario two doors down from the Public Library, next to a local gas station (which has a large sign on the window of a new cigarette brand called “Bailey’s” – a juvenile judge in Wooster, Ohio who was part of the area’s issues.) The Crucifixion Cult setting was done in a semi grassy lot with a few cobblestones, and a few concrete steps leading up to the very carefully done wooden crosses.  In addition to what people can see by driving down Main Street in Lexington, NC, there is part of “Reality Theatre” which is covert and can’t be seen easily unless students and others go to the local Catholic Church across the street on Sunday.

Inside of the church are two relevant statues, which make this church unique and an “Egyptian Church”.  One is of a young, clean shaven man, who looks Egyptian, and emaciated with a robe garment draped over one shoulder.  The other is of a woman, also emaciated, and dressed in a robe garment.  The man, who is positioned over 13 spikes, to represent the 13 colonies of Egypt, is looking straight ahead; the woman seemed to have passed out and is on a cross at the very back of the church.  This couple is interesting but a local woman, who is among the living, claims that her 23 year old son died and was involved with a white woman.  She is racially black, and sometimes wears a skully known as “The Nation of Islam” skully, just like the young Egyptian man who is part of a statue duo appears to have on his head.

Another happening that took place in Egypt - the emancipation of the Egyptian people.

Another happening that took place in Egypt – the emancipation of the Egyptian people.

This photographer really ‘got into’ their work. 

                                                                     You can ‘feel the emotion of the people here.

Local police and others do not yet know whom to credit with this ‘learning experience’ and props but this surely is another unique version of “Reality Theatre”, apparent in many communities as part of a yet unplayed Theatrical Script.

Rev. ALBERT j. Gondek, O.S.F.S. is the Pastor and has a daily mass in the church at 9:00 am (except on Wednesday) along with Spanish Liturgies, a Saturday Vigil, Sunday Liturgies, Faith Formation Classes, and many other events going on in and around the church.  The church office can be contacted at 1-336-248-2463, and their Web-site is located at www.olr-nc.org.

More Will Be Revealed……

"The Writing is on the Wall" in this rendition of ancient Egyptian Sanscrit.

“The Writing is on the Wall” in this rendition of ancient Egyptian Sanscrit.


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