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July 31, 2013

To Whom it Concerns,

I just received your email today, and noticed that the nomination deadline for this was June 1, 2013. I think that I and my fiancé should be nominated for an award. We have traveled to various areas to take a look at what the people who were causing hassles did in other areas. The problem was that instead of getting involved in creating the Gerald Ford/Henry Kissinger peace project like they knew they were supposed to, they created hate crime and continue to create hate crime. Then, some of the perpetrators from this cult moved to other areas, like Hickory, NC to continue the crime string there.

When they started this abuse, I was degreed in Social Work and took the LSAT, which the crime wanted to stop. The problem has to do with selected people in the situation who ‘should know better’ like Miller family members, and Kramer family members and other assorted fruits and nuts, some of whom got jobs with the court system and in other areas. I am still looking for employment because of this, and they are the terrorists who caused the issues in Wooster, Ohio to begin with.

The current thing that I heard today on our communication system has to do with someone stealing the Peace
Project medal, along with a silver neck chain, and the Medal says “Love To The Fullest” on it, and the other medal on the silver chain has two horses which match a ring I still have and am wearing. Then, coots got on line in the auditory way to hassle me and Mr. Drilling wanted me to be abused so instead of telling the people causing the problem off, he hassled me. We are friends and he is my fiancé, but this is how the thing has been going. This computer based Peace H
Hub project was supposed to have been started in 1974. The year is currently 2013. Despite efforts to get experts and consultants in, this problem persists.

I was a Social worker before I was degreed and can prove this. I was never a person involved in the sex industry in any way and can prove this also. Yet, I think this was the problem and the sex industry and conflicted bully part of the ‘tribe’ chose not to develop the Casino projects of the computer hub peace projects and keep the fighting going on – which includes deaths, unfortunately in this civilian area.

If you would like to read the result of my investigati9on, it is apparent on two main sites on my resume site:

1. Born To Be Miserable, on http://www.BornToBeMIserable.Blogspot.com
2. White Color Copies Only on http://www.WhiteColorCopiesOnly.WordPress.com
3. My resume site is http://www.KimbelryKoerberBauerkoerberresum.weebly.com.

If you are printing certificates, or engraving medals, the correct spelling of my name is Kimberly Ann Koerber-Bauer-Koerber  John is John C. Drilling, unless you talk to him and get the correct spelling of his middle name. I don’t know the man’s Social Security number, because he claimed that this was ‘private information’ and did not want me to have it written down anywhere. 

Since I had this problem with gangs in Ohio, I would love to come to the consortium/workshop series, but have no money thanks to – guess what – not being able to become em0pllyed and fraud.

My cell phone number is (336) 458-6131. Thanks again and Warm Regards,

Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber
Resident of the Local Crisis Center of Lexington
homeless shelter 

P.S. – It is not that the shelter is a bad place to live, it is just that by now, I thought I would either be compensated or be able to get other employment in some other area. After all, I am only 55 and in excellent health.


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