What’s That? All About Problem Barking and How to Stop It by: Intelligent Content

STOP Problem Barking Instantly!

STOP Problem Barking Instantly!

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Dog Crazy Newsletter Wednesday August 07, 2013

STOP Problem Barking Instantly!

Hi Kimberly,
You love your dog, no doubt about it. But that annoying barking? Well… that’s a different story.

Sometimes a barking dog can seem absolutely unbearable…You can’t have a conversation, watch TV, or speak on the phone without hearing that constant barking. Your neighbors complain and might even report you to the landlord or police. When you have houseguests, your dog drowns out all conversation. And when another animal comes into the yard or the mail carrier comes to the door, it’s nearly impossible to calm your dog down.

Does this sound familiar? If you’ve got a dog that can’t stop making noise, you’ve got BIG problems. Thankfully I have a solution to share.

Dogs can be trained to do (or not do) just about anything and inappropriate or excessive barking is no exception. Until now, that task has not been easy. Many owners with loudmouth pups have tried everything from scolding and anti-bark collars to just ignoring the behavior and hoping it would stop. Others have turned to options such as shock collars or even rehoming their dogs in a desperate attempt to get away from the noise.

Breaking this especially bad habit can be incredibly difficult…but you can resolve the problem in just seconds without punishment, at the push of a button. I know it sounds too good to be true but it is real, I promise.

There is a simple, effective, pain-free, humane solution to dog barking (and other problem behaviors) – and it works instantly! Britain’s top animal behaviorist developed it, and it has been widely used for years in the United Kingdom. In fact, it is the UK’s # 1 dog training tool. It just recently became available in America, and I predict it will soon become just as popular in this country as it is in the UK because it is so effective.

This new training aid called the Pet Corrector and I really love it. The idea behind the Pet Corrector is so simple but it makes so much sense – it is absolutely incredible!

Pet Corrector uses your dog’s instincts to discourage problem behavior. Here’s what you do: when your dog begins barking, briefly spray the Pet Corrector away from you and your dog. The hissing noise immediately sends a signal to your dog to stop the inappropriate behavior. Before you know it, the “bad dog” behavior becomes much less frequent and can disappear entirely.

I’m sure you’re wondering why something as simple as a noise would work when nothing else has. If you’re skeptical, I understand. I would be too. The reason the Pet Corrector works is that the sound of the air reminds your dog of the “hissing” sound of a snake – a sound that will stop a dog in its tracks. Wow…simple, effective, brilliant!

You can pick up the Pet Corrector for under $10 and it’s worth every penny. To learn more about it, watch the short video or click on the image below.

After using the Pet Corrector a few times, your dog will connect their behavior to the hissing noise. When they reach that point, simply leaving the can within eyesight is usually enough to end the problem once and for all.

I really love the Pet Corrector and so will you. Try it and see for yourself. That wonderful sound you’ll hear is the sound of silence!

Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S.: If you are tired of nuisance barking, then you owe it to yourself to give Pet Corrector a try. This product really works! There are over 100 reviews of PetCorrector on the PetProductAdvisor.com site.

Here is just one of them. It comes from “Peaceful Pet Owner” in Peoria, Arizona

“I have 2 small dogs a Yorkie an a Bischon they bark at everything! When the door bell rings it’s impossible to hear us greeting our guests. One day I came across this product Pet Corrector, I was impressed with the reviews and thought I’d give it a try. Oh, my goodness, it worked! So well in fact that I have only used it 3 times and our barking problem is gone! We have had Pet Corrector for 2 weeks now, after the initial 3 uses all it took to stop barking was to simply show the can to our dogs and the barking stopped.
Last night was Halloween and we all know what that means to a barking household, the door bell rang all evening and we had no barking! Instead of being out of control my dogs looked to me for direction we had a wonderful Halloween!! We keep Pet Corrector tucked behind a plant by the front door for a “just in case”.



Grooming Your Dog

Regular grooming is essential no matter what type of coat your pet has.

Combs are designed to remove mats and detangle long hair.

Brushes remove dead surface hair and dander, and distribute oil to give a finished look.

Rakes and combs tackle coats that have become matted.

Always comb and brush your pet before bathing.

Wet hair is harder to work with if it is tangled or matted.

If your pet is matted to the skin, see your groomer or veterinarian about having the coat shaved.

Then start with regular grooming as the new fur grows in.

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