Entertainment Yesterday and Today in Beautiful Lexington, North Carolina by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


Lexington, NC – 9/9/2013

The Davidson County Jobs Director’s remains unfilled and because of poor economic conditions here, there is currently a complete investigation underway.  Because no new Director can be hired until the fact finding mission including a Federal Investigation is done, the area remains at a standstill.  Tobacco litigators are sitting around at the local library, and certain businesses local to Lexington, NC, like the area Wilco/Hess gas station/convenience store are no longer bustling with business as they were in the past.  Lexington, NC could have been a large employment hub also, as Greensboro, NC could have been, but local issues got in the way, and people who would have been viable employees are now able to be on disability, if they qualify and can find someone to put them on disability benefits so that they have a source of income and are not totally broke with no jobs. Someone also put up a “Crucifixion Cult, which is three wooden crosses together, and inside of the local Catholic Church, a statue of an Egyptian king of prince is hanging at the front of the church, upon thirteen wooden planks, representing the thirteen colonies of Egypt.  An Egyptian group came to Lexington, NC from New York state and identified the person who is the ‘king or prince’ at the front of the church as a relative of an Italian man they knew, Rick Simms, and the ‘king or prince’s name” was “Steve”.  This is not a live body, but a statue replica of the man.  Mr. Rick Simms, among other things, was a principle and manager of an Interiorscape company in French Market area of Busch Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio known as “Interior Plant Specialists”.  Mr. Simms has not been able to be reached for comment in regard to this issue, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. 


Situations like the above contribute greatly to the local homelessness problem, as no new employment, which could be of various types, can be brought to areas until situations like this, which occur for a variety of reasons, have been investigated.  There was another issue that occurred here when one group tried to become involved in Community Development and created a group of Designer Hogs, (which can be seen on Flicker.com under Lexington, NC.)  Another angry group came to Lexington, NC after the hogs were set outside in certain cases, and started destroying the designer hogs.  Some of the hogs have been placed inside of businesses and can be seen from the outside, while other hogs have been removed or sold.  This is the type of thing that people who work with homeless people have to deal with on a regular basis, because with no jobs, and with drug trafficking taking the place of ‘hobbies and interests’ in some areas, people get engaged in enraged out of control behaviors like the aforementioned as a game or out of boredom.  Also, in Lexington, NC, there are many hostile evictions and foreclosures of residential properties and business which can be seen on the pegboard in the hall of the local Civil Court. Much of this has to do with boredom created by joblessness and one problem seem to feed on the other in areas like cute, quaint Lexington, NC.  Social Workers. Police, Local Government officials, and other ‘concerned citizens’ who work with homeless people have their hands full when the people, who are supposed to be sensible adults, get involved in destructive ‘events’ like above mentioned and one of the ways that the area tried to stop some of this is via a planned events.  One event is coming up on September 12, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm in the Parking Lot of Lanier’s Hardware.  The event, which has free admission, has George Washington Smith and The Marble Alley Band scheduled to perform.  Another upcoming event, called “Jazz on Main”, is a Community Festival and Free concert scheduled for Saturday, September 21st at 339 S. Main Street, Lexington, NC, in the lot next to Caroline Gas, from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The have an email address for further questions, which is jazzonmain@yahoo.com. These events are open to the public and create bonding between people who are music lovers and a peaceable environment.  


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