Sunday, September 29, 2013


Someone in Greensboro, NC reported a weird sex offender cult. This one takes the cake! J

Some person online, in the intelligence/police mode, decided that people are supposed to be trapped with them and have very little education.  The thing is that an informant said that this is some kind of a cult leader.  “
Then, the informant reported seeing a female body part in the background all of the time in “their mind’s eye”.

Part of this cult could be a male sex offender taking his male body part out of his pants and masturbating around two people who were sleeping outside, which happened in Greensboro, NC, and was reported right away to the local police that night.  This man was black, had an angular face, was medium built, had some facial hair ( a short beard), had long dark hair that was not braided, and after the male in the couple who this exhibitionist shouted at  the man to leave, he left, and then the Greensboro, NC police were called.  The police had on the police computer a picture of a man who was not the offender, but looked like part of another local Greensboro, NC family, part of whom currently, or in the past, stayed at Weaver house shelter. 

Part of the cult could also be to occupy people after a group of ‘high class legal’ (aka with law degrees) crooks put them on disability, as the crime ring did in Lexington, NC.  The sex related cult does not like anyone who has a police orientation, and are interested in controlling people.  This could be part of a crime ring known as “Sex with Slaves”.

This morning, while I was at The Methodist Church downtown, a crook who was not identified insisted on talking about this ‘sex thing’ during the church service, in the police/intelligence way, to interrupt the sanctity of the service and be a ‘big shot’ to be told off.




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