“Character and Persona Studies – a Primer of operation during all times of the year” By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Why The indigo Drum Peace project? : something to think about

“But for God’s Grace, and the ability to stay sober and drug free, There go I”.


Do you Think that the poor economy and/or disengagement does not cause impairment?  Read further… 

Because of the cult and the coven advancing so far with inadequate support on the other side, there is little safety in certain areas which are coven areas.  For instance in Burlington, North Carolina, a known coven area, clothes are stolen, no jobs can be found, and there is some goon man on the McDonald’s site at the Huffman Mill Road location to make sure that people who call in can’t get jobs there.  This is how the cult shut down employment also, in addition to embezzling funds that were earmarked to train new construction workers in The Greensboro, North Carolina area.  Every day I seek a way to move to another area to get out of the reach of these greedy, no soul types of pagans whose outside appearances reflect their lack of inner being or souls.  Like dried up hate sticks, they were allowed to take over areas and terrorize people who were on the police side.  I think the Indigo Drum Peace Project can be done in a safe environment, without the crime ring fraud people who are destructive thieves and impulse driven. On way is to think of effective strategy to stop these criminals.  If they are isolated in a non-University area, maybe the military can see them from the air.  The people ‘look’ like other people, but have no souls.  It is the lack of souls in their bodies that earmarks the situation that International people noticed and wanted to stop in certain areas a long time ago.  One of the coven members who destroyed the already compromised intelligence system keeps coming online in an auditory way saying “She does not want to have anything to do with me”, and keeps taking credit for the destruction as a Queen Bitch or Coven member.  Hearing its voice is like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard.  The same females coven ember keeps saying “See – they aren’t anything that they wanted”, which is true of these stalkers online.  The next thing out its lice ridden terroristic mouth is:” I was not that great but I am not anything to dislike”.  This is because mentally deranged people do not see themselves as other people see them.  This is called delusionary thinking.  If the deranged people were not prone to delusionary thinking, they would feel because of the things that they did in the past and stop, but this delusionary self-centered behavior is a hallmark of narcistically self-centered personality disordered people who need to be destroyed before they continue to destroy other people.

I am an Episcopalian, not them.  I chose to not be them.  They are a group to do naturalistic scientific investigation on, if you are writing a book about Character and Personality Disorders or have an interest in that area.  If not, these people are just silly, stupid, deranged, and worthless.  I asked one of them, this species of thieves, if it had a name.  Instead of being able to answer the simplest question, it went off in its own gibberish, and said “I was never clothing centered like you are”.  Then, one of them said, “You were not interested in its sex thing either”.  It then claimed “You are not that great person to have clothes I can’t have”.  The impression is that this is another escapee from the jail or someone so contradictory that it does not even thin it just contradicted it’s very own thinking pattern.  Then, it said “I took the thing to the police”.  No one generally can follow this inconsistent pattern of thinking unless you are a psychiatrist or Social Worker or Psychologist who works with mentally ill Impulse driven gang members, but the person in their own head in their own way ‘thinks’ that they are logical, making sense, and have merit.  Its sexual thing is to tell people are things like “I didn’t get you into this thing by masturbating in mirrors.”  This is a killer who targets certain people online, makes their lives a living hell, and then moves from one victim to another in a racketeering world they created a long time ago , also known as a “Ponzi Scheme”, or “Get rich quick” scheme, IF they are not caught or stopped by law enforcement.  Another issue that this particular person has is that it is stuck in anorexia/nervosa patterns and wants to project these issues onto people who have no interest in that mental illness, or the person, in an abusive, aggressive way.  EVERYONE IS SUPPOSED TO BE VERY THIN BECAUSE THIS PERSON IS MENTALLY ILL AND WANTS THIS FOR THEMSELF in other words. “I did not think I was very pretty in high school”, it goes on to say.  “I was not that great looking to mean men there at the time.  I was not thinking about this other thing tearing my heart out.  I was not that great looking to anyone there at the time. I got out of trouble because I got laid at the time.  This was my whore thing.

“This is MY THING NOW, it says, and I am 47 years old”. 

Pausing here, let’s take a look at what adult development phase it would be in if true to form in the world of adult development.  According to Erik Ericson, who many people are well versed in, the age of 47 is right in the middle of a phase 7. Middle Adulthood: 35 to 55 or 65

Ego Development Outcome: Generatively vs. Self-absorption or Stagnation
Basic Strengths: Production and Care

Now work is most crucial. Erikson observed that middle-age is when we tend to be occupied with creative and meaningful work and with issues surrounding our family. Also, middle adulthood is when we can expect to “be in charge,” the role we’ve longer envied.

The significant task is to perpetuate culture and transmit values of the culture through the family (taming the kids) and working to establish a stable environment. Strength comes through care of others and production of something that contributes to the betterment of society, which Erikson calls generatively, so when we’re in this stage we often fear inactivity and meaninglessness.

As our children leave home, or our relationships or goals change, we may be faced with major life changes — the mid-life crisis — and struggle with finding new meanings and purposes. If we don’t get through this stage successfully, we can become self-absorbed and stagnate.

Significant relationships are within the workplace, the community and the family.

Looking at the problems here indicate that the person is either unable, unwilling, or not in a position to be able to meet any of the goals of this long winded adult phase and may have then been diverted into crime or substance abuse or other negative behavior’s based on boredom.   This type of person at some point gets into a discordant behavior pattern and then become a repeat offender, thus the need for effective diversion campaigns and simple but fun programs to act as a ‘hook away’ from negativity like this.  The Indigo Drum Peace Project was designed with people like this, who are also part of the intelligence system, in mind.

….But for God’s Grace, and the ability to stay sober and drug free, There go I”.


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