“Sugar Babies from the South, the year 1935, and It looks like the world stood still – how odd” by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


Sugar Babies are an American confection originally developed in 1935 by the James O. Welch Co. Sugar Babies were named after a song called “Let Me Be Your Sugar Baby.”[1]

The company was purchased by the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco, now Kraft Foods) in 1963. The Welch brands were sold to Warner-Lambert in 1988; Tootsie Roll Industries acquired them in 1993. They are bite-sized, pan-coated, chewy milk caramel sweets, and are based on the company’s original caramel lollipop named Sugar Daddy. Tootsie Roll Industries now makes Sugar Babies.[2]

FROM Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_Babies_(candy)

“Gee whiz, I bet this candy has some kind of historical roots.  I wonder what was happening in 1935.”

1935 The years of depression continued in 1935 with unemployment still running at 20.1% , and the war clouds were gathering as Germany began to rearm and passed the Nuremburg laws to strip Jews of their civil rights, and Mussolini’s Italy attacked Ethiopia. The Gallup Poll was introduced and a reformed drinker named Bill Wilson formed Alcoholics Anonymous on June 10th , also for the first time a completely synthetic fibre was produced called nylon by a Dupont chemist. Also this was the year of the birth of “Swing” by Benny Goodman and the world was ready to boogie. Persia is renamed to Iran.
How Much things cost in 1935 Average Cost of new house $3,450.00 Average wages per year $1,600.00 Cost of a gallon of Gas 10 cents Average Cost for house rent $22.00 per month A loaf of Bread 8 cents A LB of Hamburger Meat 11 cents Average New Car Price $625.00 Canada Dry Ginger Ale 20 Cents
Below are some Prices for UK guides in Pounds Sterling
Average House Price 530

Popular Culture 1935

  • Alcoholics Anonymous is founded on June 10th in New York City
  • First Canned beer goes on sale
  • Babe Ruth hit the 714th and final home run of his career
  • Parker Brothers releases the board game Monopoly
  • Porgy and Bess opens in New York
  • Penguin produce the first paperback books

Born This Year

Jerry Lee Lewis September 29th
Julie Andrews October 1st
Luciano Pavarotti October 12th
Gary Player November 1st
Woody Allen December 1st — Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Sonny Bono February 16th — Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Dalai Lama 14thJuly 6th — Taktser, Amdo, Tibet
Elvis Presley January 8th — Tupelo, Mississippi, United States
Donald Sutherland July 17th — Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Gene Vincent February 11th — Norfolk, Virginia, United States

What Events Happened in 1935


  • The Luftwaffe is created as Germany’s air force and Germany announces rearmament in violation of the Versailles Treaty.


  • Persia is renamed as Iran


  • Compulsory Driving Test is introduced in England on June 1st


  • Amelia Earhart flies solo across the Pacific


  • President Roosevelt signs the US Social Security Act on October 22nd Providing Unemployment compensation and pensions for the elderly.


  • President Roosevelt Revenue Act often referred to as the Wealth Tax Act begins


  • The great Labor Day Category 5 Hurricane with winds approaching 185 mph strikes Florida Keys on September 2nd


  • Sir Malcolm Campbell breaks the 300 mph barrier to set a new land speed world record


  • The China Clipper makes the first Pacific Airmail delivery


  • The Emergency Relief Appropriation Act on April 8th creates The WPA or Works Progress Administration to create millions of jobs


  • 1,200,000 people face starvation in Illinois due to lack of funding.


  • First Public Housing Project launched in New York


  • Earthquake destroys Quetta in modern-day Pakistan – 26,000 dead


  • First Orange Bowl



  • The Peoples car ( Volkswagen Beetle ) is launched in Germany


  • First Experimental Radar is developed in UK


  • GE Starts selling the first Fluorescent Tube for light


  • On July 19th the First Parking Meters in Oklahoma City designed by Carl C Magee

U.S.A. Inventions Invented by Inventors and Country ( or attributed to First Use )

  • Toyota Cars are launched in Japan

Radar (for Aircraft) Scotland by Robert Watson-Watt )
Helicopter USA by Igor I. Sikorsky )

Major World Political Leaders

Australia Prime Minister Joseph Lyons Brazil President Getúlio Vargas Canada Prime Minister Richard Bedford Bennett till October 23,
Canada Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King From October 23,
Germany Chancellor Adolf Hitler

Italy Prime Minister Benito Mussolini

Japan Prime Minister Keisuke Okada Mexico President Lázaro Cárdenas Russia / Soviet Union
General Secretary of the Central Committee Joseph Stalin South Africa Prime Minister James Barry Munnik Hertzog United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt United Kingdom Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald Till 7 June
United Kingdom Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin From 7 June

Political Elections

British General Election 1935 Stanley Baldwin ( Conservative ) defeats Clement Attlee ( Labour ) and Sir Herbert Samuel ( Liberal )
Following the outbreak of World War II General Elections are suspended and the next elections are not held until 1945

Canadian Federal Election 1935 William Lyon Mackenzie King ( Liberal ) defeats Richard Bennett ( Conservative ).

Some of the Products You May Have Seen Advertised in 1935
Arvin car Radio from $44.95 Electrolux  Fridge Campbells Tomato Soup

from:  The Year 1935 From The People History, http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/1935.html

The Southern rendition as it applies to people is somewhat different than the candies.  There was generally a blend of people in the South which resulted in lighter skin colored blacks being part owners of large corporationsor interests, like the tobacco industry or the textiles industry, since the textiles industry needs raw materials, like cotton, from Southern fields to function.  In history, which is still prevalent today, sometimes a parent was a domestic to the people who owned a plantation, and the domestic not only took care of the children among other things but was a parent.  if one parent ws black, and the other white, the result was a ‘sugar baby’ or carmel colored baby.  This baby then grew up and was part owner and was better than their parent who was a domestic because of inheritance rights.  Because ‘the slaves were supposed to be emancipated in northern states, thee is a possilbiity that some of the blacks already knew this and wanted to change places’.  This is a spot of racila hatred that still exists today among blacks.  It appreas to be unfounded, but there is an origin.  This is another large scale socila policy issue in the United States that needs to be rectified, because someont then lied to peole and claimed that the textiles industry and the tobacco industry was not around and the monies and companes were ‘sent to China’.

Do blacks still fight over this today?  ABSOLUTELY YES.  For instance, there is a very attractive black woman who currently stays in the Alamance County Shelter, also known as Allied Churches Shelter for the homeless.  Other women there were abusing this woman, who they claim talks to herself and is crazy, but these other women are not as pretty as her.  I heard her talking to someone else who stays at the shelter and she said that her mother was a “Domestic”.  This would make this woman some kind of owner of something in the south, and this is the type of person who was ripped off, and then is minimized by the crooks.

This is something interesting to think about if one is analyzing the root causes of racial tension and how this situation developed over time.


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