A short screenplay: Orange Tomatoes or “Picking a Peach” by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


The scene is a public shelter, where all kinds of people are gathered.  The last US Government is crisis is long over, but the people who created it before are lurking around, waiting for people who are not part of their clique to show up and be in need of housing, since this clique made victims homeless to begin with.

The first speaker who shows up is an ugly goon, with a very long nose, scraggly brown hair, cut in no style at all, with long and short pieces.  She is really thin and is about 4’10” tall.  After she was thrown into the shower and forced to shower, her hair did have a shine to it, but it took effort.  She, on the second day there, started pleading with some of the people working at the shelter, who were about to be indicted in regard to missing people, and deaths, allegedly linked back to their area.  “Please feel sorry for me.  I am a thief and am an ugly goon who was thrown away.  I can’t read, write or spell, but I like blacks and am a good whore.  The person whose money we are stealing isn’t even here.  I am broke.  Who cares about them?  I am Hearst, ok?“

The second speaker in the group is a black man with medium brown skin and short hair who says who says, “We have to make sure that Hearst does not hear about this.  You were someone who was like us, so we relate to you.  A disadvanged person looking for others to blame for the things we did.  We got involved in the “to Kill a Mockingbird” script here in Burlington, NC a long time ago, and so we are now all implicated in this.  We thought you looked like an Appalachian woman so why are you now supposed to be Hearst?  This is another way to get us all in trouble again, because they will come here looking for their people, and know that you are not them.”

Another speaker from the group says,” We are supposed to have to drive the woman crazy and trap here, to have you be a part of our team.  The thing is supposed to appear to be ‘natural’ and not contrived.  We have to find a way to victimize the people who are involved in the United States Government intelligence areas, or it will not work.  We have to get them isolated from their peers.  Since you are all retarded or have some other disability, if you don’t help me, I will get you all locked up?”

Another speaker, a middle aged man who ‘used to be a teacher’ he says, saunters up to the podium and says “What kind of a development plan can we come up with this time?  We already took the people’s money and prevented them from getting jobs.  Maybe if we pull them into the middle of a brawl, it will work.  What about the “Sweet Peas, Horseradish, and Damina devopment plan?”  He then pulled out a piece of paper, on which various scribbles in his own writing were.  “I will read a little bit about the development plan, and see what other people think about it.”

“Sweet Peas” come in many colors.  They have been cultivated since the 17th century and a vast number of cultivars are commercially available. They are grown for their flower colour (usually in pastel shades of blue, pink,                                            

purple and white, including bi-colors), and for their intense unique fragrance.


“Horseradish “is used for urinary tract infections, kidney stones, fluid retention, cough, bronchitis, achy joints (rheumatism), gallbladder disorders, sciatic nerve pain, gout, colic, and intestinal worms in children. Some people apply horseradish directly to the skin for painful and swollen joints or tissues and for minor muscle aches. Horseradish might help fight bacteria and stop spasms.”


“Damiana” is used to treat headache, bedwetting, depression, nervous stomach, and constipation; for prevention

And treatment of sexual problems; boosting and maintaining mental and physical stamina; and as an aphrodisiac.Some people inhale damiana for a slight “high.”


Another woman in the group says:”Hey – that sounds like a variety of one of our old plans called “Sex with Slaves” where we hired people to go around and rape people and rob them.  This was a preempt for the ‘high class’ strip club ring last time, where the people actually were supposed to come to the show and pay money to see the show, to get the cocaine cult and whores in from the strip club.  Last time we hit Ohio.  I remember a similar plan to this, but it was called ‘drug ‘em, mug ‘em, and slab ‘em.  Were you thinking about making someone a nice cup of tea?”   


Then a man comments: “I don’t know.  Why can we get some of these people to stop abuse and get employers to come in instead of continuing the abuse we started before?”


After listening for a while, the ugly goon known as ‘Hearst’ (she says) comments again and says ‘Why do the investigations to begin with?” 


Another man in the crowd says “After you are killed, we won’t do the investigation, ok, and none will care, because you were just a throw away from a psychiatric ward to begin with before you started robbing people’s money and came up with this development plan to get all of us dirty”.  He stared at the goon with a piercing stare, and got in her face and said “Where is the picture you had of the decapitated man?  Why is this supposed to be Bauer from Eddie Bauer?  After he left, he was waiting for his wife to show up in a political launch and this is why you killed him.”


The little wretch then stood up and started talking in a loud, fast, shrill voice. “I thought I was your girlfriend.  I though you liked me.  Why are you doing this to me? Why not blame Bauer’s broth for this death?”


The man then told her “Why would I pick you?  You are ugly and low class.  I know you are a thief, but I don’t know what else you are.  There are much better women around than you.  Also, you are a bitch. You threw yourself at me because you were desperately trying to get some person to like you after you were already a crook.  I am not a lawyer.  I think you are sick, mean, ugly, gross, and I would be better off without you.


                                              are the one

                                               who said






                                            to be done,



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