TheOhio Women of Today and a Crime ring of buddies that ‘moves around’ by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber



Chapter Service Center
Executive Director: Katie Castro
Minnesota Women of Today
PO Box 44242, Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Phone & Fax: 952-406-8578


Dear Katie Castro,

I, Kimberly A. Koerber-Bauer-Koerber (With The Indigo Drum Catholic and other churches International Peace Project) am currently in Danville, Virginia staying at The House of Hope homeless shelter.  There is a problem here with a few of the women I encountered in Ohio as part of a dissolved Women’s Group which was in Westerville, Ohio and known as “Women of Today”.  Dr. Mike Bezbechanko, DDS, Westerville, also filed complaints with the Ohio Attorney Generals office in regard to this group and their fraudulent practices, and had a lawsuit against them in Ohio, before they were forced to dissolve, after I dropped out.  The group was then looking for victims to take advantage of. The findings, after one day here include one female shelter client, a woman, formerly known as Joann Carlson who changed her name, grew her hair long, and lost weight and is being placed in a Social Work position here, with no degree, when I, a victim I Ohio who have been a Social Worker for 30 years in addition to this ‘homeless field work’ because of a shyster mob cult, have not been able to find a job.      Again, the ‘enemies have split and gone away’, as a Bible verse said they would, but reparations have not been made, and I am a continued victim of terrorism.  For instance, today, a group of people who sounded like women got obnoxious on the Intelligence auditory system, which someone systematically has tried to shut down all over the country, when this system is part of National Security.  These terrorists, who are supposed to be my friends, keep saying things like “She Hated Me”, after I say things like “They ruined my life”.  I am homeless and penniless today because of these ‘friends’ who were never my friends to begin with, but associates from a public service group called “The Women of Today”. Anonymous informants from Danville, Virginia claim that they had to chase a Mob related cult out of Danville already, and they left a trail of damage.  Higher class crooks with them got involved in hostile foreclosures of homes.  There is an article on the front page of the local paper about an incident where a neighbor, who was a banker, was shot because of someone exercising the right to protect their property from games and hostile foreclosure. In addition to Joann Carlson using a fake name here, Fletcher Milan and his ‘wife’ Donna Milan, who were part of the Women of Today, and friends of a couple named “Lavender” from the Cleveland Ohio who now have an insurance business in plain sight on the   Main Road in Danville, Virginia (whose street name I cannot access thanks to being on a wordprocessor only), may be perpetrators in this roving around cult which creates nothing but destruction.  Lavinder was only an engineer like my spouse, Jerry L. Bauer was before he because a victim of foul play.  Lavinder’s wife was named “Jill” just like Fletcher Milan’s daughter.  She was then ‘supposed to be’ a suburban Cleveland, Ohio housewife.  These people were supposed to be ‘models’ they also claimed as part of the fraud ring.   Lavinder, Milan, Carlson, and other from the group were never affiliated with Eddie Bauer or any other entity and were hard pressed to be able to be employed, and had a history of being involved in fraud games to deceive, destroy, and abuse other people.     Milan’s wife, “Donna” was seen about two years ago in Rochester, Minnesota, with another man in Soldier’s field Park.  Rochester, Minnesota, is the home of Mayo Clinic, whose specialty area is human organ transplants and crooks were in Wooster, Ohio and other areas looking to assemble ‘gangs’ to do dirty work to make them multi-millionaires in that Ponzi “get rich quick” scheme. 

     Part of the problem also is another accomplice named “Liz” who looks like Fletcher Milan, and was affiliated with the strip club/porn industry to bring Las Vegas crooks and the cocaine cult to Columbus, Ohio to tear up the area, bring blacks in from around the world, and create a general mess, to then have “President Obama’s Presidential launch in Columbus, Ohio.  If you are trying to trace the source of terrorism – aka ‘fresh organs being ‘found’, cocaine trafficking, and insurance fraud, the above named people may be responsible.

     I think these superficial findings have merit and warrant further investigation.                                                                                                                      


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