Short Tales of Interest By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


"They never see themselves as other people see them".

“They never see themselves as other people see them”.


A Funeral in Danville, VA

A 21 YEAR OLD RELATIVE OF A LARGE BLACK FAMILY FROM Danville, Virginia was shot and killed.  He was a drug dealer, which is a politically correct thing to be.  The cocaine cartel tells people that they do not have to go to college, do not have to be anything but  drug dealer to get a ‘political launch’ which is generally employment – sometimes within a human services setting to enable them to racketeer more people.  This young man had a strong family and the family complained about his murder not being investigated because of this being ‘just another murder’, as they were told by local police, they claimed.  They did not want their young relative to be a drug dealer, and fought with the man, but the man had his own mind and instead of getting a ‘political launch’, he ended up as a homicide victim. The funeral was this past Friday, with all kinds of sad relative gathered in the parking lot of a local funeral home. 

Congressman Howard Coble is under fire in cases like this because people saw Coble on television during an interview saying that the drug cartel was a good thing and he admitted to using drug.  Coble is a Congressman empowered to make and amend laws and has been a long term Congressman, not a freshman who is new in the office.  More will be revealed…


Two women from Nigeria and a baby

On Thursday, in front of the Danville, Virginia public library, two women were waiting to meet their contact from the United States.  The two women were asking people who came out from the library if they were the contact.  The two women were well dressed and had their small baby with them.  They said that a woman made contact with them on the phone, and told them to meet her at the local library, and that she would show them around.  The two women were waiting for about an hour at the time they asked me if I was the contact, and I told them that I am currently a homeless woman and did not talk to them on the phone.  The women waited in front of the library for probably about 45 minutes longer, and then walked down the hill toward their car, with the baby.  No one showed up to meet them as they promised.  They, two well-dressed and refined women from Nigeria, were not happy, and this is the type of irresponsibility that is noted and stirs up hate crime and resentment by from people in other countries against the united States, because their thinking would be that they were ‘not important enough’ to show respect to in this commitment made by someone from the United States.  When people think about things like this, it reflects on the United States government, no matter the reason for the meeting.  Feeling disregarded and disrespected at times causes retaliative behavior, if this is repetitive treatment.


Police say “We have too many complaints to investigate”

A female homeless woman was asked to step outside to talk to police at the Burlington, NC homeless shelter.  When she did this, she was told by two men, one black, who was supposed to be an Obama relative, and the other white, that they have ‘too many complaints, and are not going to investigate the complaints, and were looking for the woman to either pay them to do their job, or agree with them.  The woman did neither, and this ‘police’ behavior was noted.  The two men were not wearing Burlington, NC police uniforms, but wore sports shirts with the word “POLICE” on the front of the shirts.


These three mini stories are examples of how the United States system is currently not working, despite certain people trying their best to be assistive.  Examples like this are why, in the past, someone started using gangs to ‘get the point across, which is really not a solution, but additional violence and trauma added to the already volatile situations that are apparent throughout the United States which are very similar to the three mentioned above.  In addition to using gangs, there were many attempts to ‘call out the military’ in certain cases to get the investigations done, because of so many Federal agents being robbed in the United States.  Calling out the military is not an appropriate solution in highly populated, high risk areas, in particular, areas that have students attending college, like the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio because in Ohio and other areas, people recall the Kent State University tragedies, where students were caught in the crossfire and were killed.  If the United States governmental system is not working, people would like to know what they can do next.

One possible solution is the projected International/United States peace project, a stationary homeland Security type of entity which will be stationary and computer based.  More information about this project is online on the internet at  “Causes – The Indigo Drum Peace Project”, which is a government and church linked project.    Because the United States is in deficit, tax deductible personal and corporate donations and international emails, which should be directed to St. Mary’s Basilica, Minneapolis, Minnesota are needed.  The development of these Peace hub projects may take time, based on a funding need, which could come.  There is a petition on the US Government White House site which needs signatures, to get the petition to be moved The United States Senate floor as a grass roots developed project which could have funding appropriated to it.  Monies should be directed to St. Mary’s Catholic Basilica, because last time The Indigo Drum was starting to be established in Wooster, Ohio, crooks thought that donated funds were for them to fund the cartel, and established a receivership for this purpose, which had to be prosecuted.  In addition, some of the people responsible in that fiasco ‘set up shop’ in other states and locations as ‘innocent parties’.  This project can only help if people know about it and are interested and involved enough to get involved.  More will be forthcoming…..


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