News from Danville, Virginia:The Manson Family Cults Reborn with a new Leaders: The Development of “Sex Cults” in the United States by Kimbelry Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


A white male skinhead named David Nihlens (not David Koresh) affiliated with embezzlement from Bank One, Columbus NA in Columbus, Ohio, Lowes stores et al appear to be a player in the cults also.


By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber                                                 November 20, 2013


In Danville, North Carolina, there is a strange cult group that came from Ohio situated at the Welfare or Foods stamps office.  Social Service clients cannot go into the office there where two computers are set up for job seekers to be able to find employment.  When clients go to the front desk, receptionists, who are disheveled, and look like they could live outside, they are told that the state of Virginia hiring site is not blocked, but there definitely is a screen there that will not allow people to get past it.  (A “Gaslighting” reponse, as it is known). Instead of Social Workers from the office offering to help in any way, workers at the Welfare office there in Danville, labeled “Social Services” from the outside get tied into some kind of stupid ‘masturbating’ rhetoric” which can be read on a computer keyboard, and heard in the auditory police/intelligence mode.   These people, like Nihlens, are very weird and very disturbing, and their goal is to aggravate people who come into the office.  The Manson family also got involved in group sex, so maybe this is what some of these disturbed people are doing when they are supposed to be doing their jobs at the welfare office.  Why would psych clients work there anyway, one wonders.   Also, while in the front part of the office where the computers are, the victim is supposed to have to listen to some kind of Manson Family drug cult rhetoric about ‘masturbating”.

The Manson family, part of whom lived in Wooster, Ohio were a “hippy drug cult’ and they killed Sharon Tate, an actress.  Their drug use got out of control and this New York based gang scattered also.  One of the weirdoes who started coming to Alcoholics Anonymous and started talking inappropriately about “masturbating” was David Nihlens- NOT David Koresh.  I wonder if the Social Workers who work here at The Social Services or welfare office here in Danville, Virginia are fingerprint identified and really are using their authentic names.  The man they are supposed to be following was part of a bank embezzlement team in Ohio linked to McCoy and the embezzlement of funds from Bank One, NA, Columbus, Ohio. 


A white male skinhead named David Nihlens (not David Koresh) affiliated with embezzlement from Bank One, Columbus NA in Columbus, Ohio, Lowes stores et al appear to be a player in the cults also.


This man was someone I met in Brunswick, Ohio a long time ago and then the man kept showing up, including showing up at Alcoholics Anonymous.  He was an agitated sort of man, with a somewhat wrinkled face, and straight blonde hair who shifted in mental orientation from a calm man to a man who started this “Masturbating” ‘mechanism’ in meetings.  He also had a skinhead type of orientation.  He at the time had blonde hair which was straight, and could have been colored with hair dye.  The man also started looking at me, sitting in the meetings to terrorize, to get the followers group going, and it really did not work in the past, but it ‘looks like’ some of the cult’s followers could be here.  Being ‘flower children’ and aligning with  ‘street drugs’ were the Manson Family cult’s areas and because they have been out of the media spotlight for a time period people think that they all went away and got involved in ‘normal lives’ and/or grew up and changed. For some reason, these people wanted to act like I was supposed to be ‘at fault’ and they are like ‘followers’ at work.  I wonder why they are supposed to be engaged in any kind of sexual rhetoric with themselves or anyone else, or be sex offenders in type while on the clock.  Someone in this weird group also mentioned that they knew I was from Ohio.

In another embezzling case, another sex perpetrator from the Lowe’s Home Improvement Chain who later developed Lowes Foods went around and ‘gifted’ women late at night, after breaking into their residences with a crew and a male whore wearing a condom.  The motive there could have been burglary, and maybe photographing the couple for some sort of a side business like a porn/prostitution ring.   Cartoon City today is of this Lowe’s operative with messed up hair, and brown skin instead of olive/white skin.

Lowe’s had a son working at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio many years ago in about 1978 or 1979 or both when there were missing employees, who were young college students, already enrolled in some college, who were interviewed by Cedar Point Human Resources officials and hired to work a certain ‘employment contract’.  At that time, people hired were screened until others started showing up because of some “cut in” to the system there, and on more than one occasion, the Marina on Lake Erie which was a part of the amusement park was dredged, with Federal Authorities looking for bodies.  Someone included “Lowes” in the auditory development chain that became ‘development’.  “Lowes Home Improvement Stores” were not yet developed when this Cedar Point aggravated menacing sex cult was happening in Sandusky Ohio, and did not yet exist, yet alone “Lowes Foods”.  Students who worked at Cedar Point were in many cases not able to fulfill their employment contracts and get the monetary bonus that was the incentive for completing the number of hours and length of time agreed to by the student/employee when the individual got hired by Cedar Point to begin with because of some kind of terrorism there.  At the time, I was a person who qualified in all ways, but was a young alcoholic who started drinking and was not fired but left voluntarily because of that and being ;chased’ by unacceptable men, so I gave the alcohol away to other employees, so was invited to come back the following year. 


These ‘sex cults’ seem to be the new development that always created tension in the past.  This is because these ‘sex cults’ had to do with anonymous, uncommitted sex which was attractive to people who were lonely and had trouble for one reason or another bonding with, and staying committed to one person. 


In Hickory, North Carolina, a disturbing site was seen.  This site had photographs of bruised up ‘hineys’ of women, some in the healing stages, with the bruises turning green in the photographs.  This site was not submitted to FBI and was not a ‘banned site’ at the hickory public library.  Normally, sites like this are considered to be ‘porn’ and are banned.  This one was not.  These young women are an example of someone ‘punishing the women’ yet in other cases, this sex cult travels around and produces racketeering revenue because this is a fun game.  The game had a name in Wooster, Ohio and was called “Sex With Slaves”. In addition to victims being raped and illegally evicted in Wooster, Ohio with no legal support, since the area decided to make ineffective Wayne County Legal Aid, and append “Community Legal Aid Services, Inc.”, available not in that community but by calling a phone number on a business card given to victims in need of legal aid who went to the Wayne County Legal Aid offices.  “Community Legal Aid Services, Inc. was useless not only to me but to others who called them and tried to get their representation in court, thus this “Manson Family Sex Cult and others” created a large number of homeless people with no legal representation, pulling their luggage behind them in an effort to get cartel people into the area and remove people who were any part of, or sympathetic to the police.

This occurred in about 2006-2007 in Wooster, Ohio.  This situation patterned the Cedar Point, Sandusky situation too closely and in all of these cases, there was a monetary loss, but in the Cedar Point cases, the people were much younger and not yet established in life.




The primary question in all of this is: “Why would not foreign governments with resentments toward The United States and others interested in hostile takeovers and shutdowns of various areas not be paying attention to ‘development’ like this which also?”


More will be Revealed…




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