What are Psycho-Social indicators anyhow?


Knowledge Snippet of the Day:

What are Psycho-Social Indicators?


By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


Psychosocial Indicators are attitudes and norms assessed by firms who employ Psychologists, Social Workers and others trained to ask specific questions designed to conclude what the ‘norms’ or acceptable standards’ are in areas or communities, and are used as a ‘gauge’ indicator, like individual personality traits are clustered or grouped in an individual to take a look at the community and how the community at large thinks, behaves, and relates to one another and others from outside of their community.

“Psycho” generally has to do with the mind, or thinking patterns, and “Social” has to do with the impact these thinking behaviors have on Society at large and in general to establish trends.  The ‘trends’ could have to do with ‘consumer buying patterns’, ‘Voter approval’, and ‘Acceptable behavior standards”, among other things and can be gauged based on distributing physical questionnaires asking community members certain questions, and then tabulating the results.


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