The Nazi Germany political launch in the United States and Its Ramifications


Judge Judy Image

The Nazi Germany political launch in the United States and Its Ramifications

By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

The cocaine launch, where women are supposed to either use a drug to become emaciated or have bone and muscle tissue removed replaced the regular political launch system in the United States, and destroyed the United States.  The sad part is that other countries also have operatives listening and this is now the ‘accepted’ political launch for people, the majority of these being female.  The people in the police groups are not supposed to be paid ever, and their ‘welfare checks’ are absorbed by these “Nazi Launches” to make the Nazi groups rich at everyone else’s expense.  This is why people lost interest in politics a long time ago, in addition to criminals like the aforementioned telling other people, who were always part of the united States political system, that they have to be ‘sick’ in order to get more involved in the united States political system and be paid.

People in these affected ‘police’ groups are often not able to find or attain employment anywhere else either and are supposed to be some kind of homicide victim, so that crooks can embezzle the money needed to live lives.

Mentally ill people running the political system?  Yes.

The aforementioned is part of a definable mental illness, which is listed in various medical handbooks used to diagnose and treat mental illnesses.

Other parts of the same mental illness which are concurrent in this group who victimize others are the following:

1.  Anorexia Nervosa

2. An elevated sense of self-worth, which is not earned or warranted, and is based on being very thin only.

3.  Irresponsible sexual behavior.

4.  Lack of education or training to be in a fair, impartial ‘political launch.

5.  Use of drugs /and/or alcohol to be stick thin ‘models’.

Role models are now supposed to be this, instead of people of achievement for one reason or another, and entrapment for people in the police groups, instead of the united States government ‘cracking’ down on these offenders and getting them indicted as Federal crooks patterning negative behaviors, to then get into a political launch which is destructive.

The men who are anchors in this type of political launch are generally not as educated as people are in other groups and are paired up with these women – to be a ‘reject’ couple or a “Gangster couple” as these people are generally, although not always married to someone of the opposite sex.  All of this together is a damaging element to society, or a sociopathic political launch, meant to harm and destroy others, when these people should have been placed in treatment centers and  treated so that they had a values change and acquired and became people of a normal body weight and size.  This so called ‘political launch’ seems to apply to women more that it applies to men, for ‘some unknown reason’.  In addition to this, if people are in a field research mode, some of the Nazis expect the person to be a slave, and to have to give up their field research and findings to the sickos, instead of being paid or offered money for the findings, to make ignorant sick women ‘look good’.

As a Social Worker who has done additional research and reading in regard to female issues, in addition to talking to various people about this, I have encountered many people who have had ‘lookin’ good’ parents who were extremely abusive because of their own issues which they were not able, or willing to deal with being imposed on their children.  The “Nazi Political launch’, which is heavily tied win with the ‘cocaine cult’ and ‘crack cocaine’ is one of them.  If people want to see what this political launch is like, ask the relatives of televisions’ “Judge Judy”, some of whom were found in Louisville, Kentucky, what the woman is like off screen.  On screen, people consider her to be a mean, intimidating vicious bitch type of woman, whose demeanor on television with people who choose to be on her show unappealing. “Judge Judy’s relatives were sad when the woman became ill several years ago, but I noticed that “The Judge Judy Show” is again on television, unless we are seeing re-runs.  This is not a woman who even gets along with her own family members.   New York native “Judge Judy”, aka Judy Scheindlin, has made a living of intimidation and abuse but in other cases where the people are not judges dealing with repeat offenders who have been incarcerated numerous times with no change in their behavior, who were Mob members or sociopaths harming others in society, why is this type of mean ‘tough love bitch’ needed?  Judge Judy’s character on screen was developed to be purposefully intimidating, but in real life, people who act and behave this way in other roles are generally sanctioned by society in one way or another, instead of the majority of people in the political system being acted on and becoming the victims of embezzlement or worse.

(put photograph of Judge Judy here with a caption)

Generally speaking, in most cases, if nothing happens, nothing happens, but a great deal has occurred over the last two decades which has a great deal to do with this type of “political launch” and its ravaging effects on people and society to have a group of ready ‘bad guys’ that others are supposed to see as leaders, role models, and admire, with little real functionality.  Maybe President Obama, the first black President of The United States who appears to be much thinner than his healthy weight is also representative of this Nazi launch in the United States.  He is his case was able to use this “Nazi launch look effectively, and just last night again in in the field, in another country, this time South Africa, because of the recent death of Nelson Mandela, as portrayed again on television, or the mass media.

More will be revealed…


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