The “Electra Ice/Snow storms shut down the Eastern States” by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


This “Fallen Angel” on the front cover of the book looks very much like a Wooster, Ohio neighbor


December 16, 2013

…In the News Today (on television’s national news)


The “Electra Ice/Snow storms shut down the Eastern States”

The storms seem similar to another modern syndrome called the Sugar Baby syndrome” which has nothing to do with ice to begin with, but in Freudian psychiatry, The “Electra Complex” is supposed to be part of typical development whereas the young woman according to German Psychiatrist Dr. Sigmund Freud, has a desire for the father and hostility towards the mother (generally in her biological family of origin.


     Because of the “go-go Lizzy syndrome”, which was used to fund Las Vegas originally, many people are now victims of fascism, including no employment and homes, with massive Federal shutdowns happening.  Crooks wanted to popularize this fraud ring online, and threatened people who tried to stop it.  Because this woman named “Liz” was a stripper and a young ‘sugar baby’ on stage, she tried to conceal her identity she ‘claimed’ but was correlated with Las Vega’s The Trump Casino project” anyhow, and was also trafficking.  The same crook group, which may have included unruly youth, ruined people’s lives, trapped people, and told people that they were not degreed so that they could misuse the victim’s credentials.  The not-so-funny part of this is that some of these people were probably bound by a Satanistic cult in Ohio, which is the opposite side of the “Peace Project”.  As a result, many people were ‘frozen in time” to enable this rip-off and to then force people to claim that they, residents of Ohio, were mentally ill to get on disability, to add additional headaches and financial troubles to the state and Federal government and to enable a forefront show.  In a book chosen called “How to Draw Fallen Angels”, by Mike Butkus and Michelle Pratnet, the authors describe the above illustration as “Forbidden Love”.  The “Good Angel” in the forefront is supposed to thwart the evil intent of her seducer who in the illustration looks like “Satan” or “The Devil”, while the woman has long blonde hair.  This could be where medical mismanagement and crooked CNA’s or Certified Nursing Assistants racketeered many people as “Sugar babies” ripping off the person, or the Federal system, which included banks, The US Federal Reserve, and individuals. Deaths were also supposed to be a result of this very funny script that actually kept repeating and never moved on unless people n the other end got mean and avoided the people with the script. In the intelligence auditory mode online.  But, alas, the complainants were never anything but mentally ill complaint ants, and these cases never went to court.   


Apparently, this is how strip clubs and Las Vegas funds themselves and never go broke.  Las Vegas, Nevada’s clubs have never gone bankrupt.  But, in the funding of a state, this was an irresponsible decision, and it backfired, causing all kinds of angry racist blacks to be in Columbus, Ohio as President O’Bama’s political launch group.   If they were really this, why would they then want to racketeer the President of the United States?


Something to think about…

Happy Holidays,




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