“In The World of United States Government Faux Paus situations: 9/11 Revisited 12 years later” by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


Ever wonder why the Cali Drug Cartel was able to get into the United States, and become so famous?  Read on. 

“In The World of United States Government Faux Paus situations: 9/11 Revisited 12 years later”

              By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

   Years after the World Trade Center Bombing which occurred in 2001, phone numbers that should have been diverted still cannot be reached.  For instance, The U.S. Customs Service has a field office located at 6 World Trade Center, Room 714, New York, New York 10048.  The published phone number is (212) 637-3900.  There is no one at that phone number as of December 27, 2013.  The phone number has not been diverted to any other number.  When individuals try to call that number or send a text message, the message bounces and the phone number is still disconnected.  The New York, New York district covers other states also.  It is hard to say how many years the phone number has been down, which should be part of the DEA (Drug Enforcement of the United States) network. 

“DEA is a branch of the Justice Department, and is the primary agency charged with the investigation and arrest of drug traffickers both in the United States and abroad.  Drug enforcement agencies combat drug crimes in several ways. 

“First, they enforce all drug laws.

Second, they coordinate and cooperate with law enforcement agencies both here and abroad to monitor drug intelligence networks, combat distribution operations, assist in investigations, and arrest major and minor dealers. 

Third, they seize assets related to drug trafficking.”

Apparently, someone did not think this was a priority, and people who complain about such things are considered to be ‘crackpots’ and are subjected to all kinds of verbal and other abuse, because someone from the United States government decided that this was not a problem to be fixed.

Q.  What does the U.S. Customs Service actually do and what is their area of responsibility?

A.  The U.S. Customs Service special investigators are involved in cases of narcotics smuggling, child pornography, and money laundering; in the enforcement of the Arms Export Control Act; and in combatting the infringement of intellectual-property rights.  They are also involved in air and marine drug-interdiction programs.  Customs investigators are empowered to search without a warrant any person, baggage, car, or other conveyance crossing or approaching the U.S. border.

     U.S. Customs special investigators employ any number of investigative techniques including physical and electronic surveillance, informants, examination of bank and import/export records, witness interviews, and search warrants.  Additionally they work as interagency liaisons on multijurisdictional investigations.

Other jobs within the Customs Service include customs inspectors, pilots, and canine enforcement.

If you are interested in the job, Prospective Customs Service investigators must meet the following requirements:

     . U.S. Citizen

     . No more than thirty seven (37) years old at the time of hire (this age limit is waived for federal law enforcement officers).

     .Pass a personal background investigation.

     . Accept assignments to any U.S. Customs location.

Salary:  The salary for customs investigators begins at between $24,000 to $36,000 annually.


These are low paying jobs that are high risk compared to other employment that people who are qualified might be involved in getting, because the base salary, as of the writing of this resource book, listed below which was published in 2000, was between $24,000 and $36,000.  When I, the writer, investigated this category in about 2005, the starting salary was about $36,000 per year which is still low compared to other jobs or employment where the employee does not have to take his or her life in their own hands and deal with mean, nasty people all day long.  This situation could also be corrected to make the job more appealing.

     The Cali drug cartel hit us hard in Ohio and crooks from other states came there to cause destruction and chaos, starting with Wooster, Ohio, home of The College or Wooster and ATI (The Ohio State university’s Agricultural and Technical Institute).  Crooks came up with all kinds of ways to abuse people who were not part of the large cartel they created, like illegal evictions and a sexual assault game called “Sex With Slaves” to create homelessness in the non-crook populations. They went around and hit a large number of civilians, who were not prepared to lose their money, homes, or jobs because of crooks getting into the Federal system to ‘become rich’. This crime ring will go down in history, as will the United States Government’s response, which was ‘too little, too late’.  The crooks from this ring considered this to be a laugh and a half, because many people were made vulnerable.  This aforementioned situation which was created and disabling to many people was the political launch of the first black president of the United States, known as Barack Obama, and was ‘out of the hands’ of people approached to do anything about.  Truth is stranger than fiction.     


  1. Careers in Criminology by Marilyn Morgan, Published by Lowell House, 2000.
  2. Real life experience – Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber and many others.



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