High Times Magazine: A Marijuana Resource and staff for all people by Kimbery Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

ImageImageImageImageHigh Times Magazine: A Marijuana Resource and staff for all people

By Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

High times, a magazine which has been around forever is a resource that more people should know about.  Currently, High Times, which is not available in local libraries, because it is considered to be on the ‘banned magazine list’ sells for $10.00 a copy on the newsstand.  This magazine is considered a ‘luxury item’ for people when the economy is poor and the price could drop if more people knew about the magazine and if it were available for people to read within the public library system.  The magazine is a resource in regard to marijuana laws, marijuana offenses and the people who go to jail for marijuana, marijuana growers, the varieties of marijuana, the growers of marijuana, and anything having to do with marijuana.


High Times is currently looking for marijuana related cases and can be contacted at this address:

Or by phone at:

They are looking at featuring situations which can work to affect a change in the area of marijuana in general, including legalization and decriminalization of marijuana in states, which is done on a state by state basis.  High Times offers the opportunity to get your story in print and offers publicity, also, if your case and situation related to marijuana is selected by their editorial staff.  High Times deals with all aspects of Marijuana and are the resource people to contact in regard to this area.  Marijuana is no longer smoked or ingested (aka ground marijuana in capsule form) only by hippies who do not take baths like the image of from the “Hippie era” and has medicinal uses, including but not limited to

  • Enhanced sexuality in some couples (if not over used)
  • A calming effect (if not overused to the point of the individual becoming a “burn out” type of character)


  • Is a beautiful plant that can be ornamental based on the variety of marijuana


The law has loosened around marijuana considerably over the years in various states.  For instance, an informant was mentioning being detained in Lebanon, Ohio about 15 years ago for 11 days because of having ½ gram (one marijuana joint) and a pack of papers on him when arrested and having an initial bail of $800.00 which was reduced to $100.00.  Depending on the amount of marijuana and the case, High Times could be used to create and move “Social Policy” in various states in regard to the marijuana issue in general – an area that needs to generate more interest again.  Currently, marijuana has been decrimalized or legalized in 14 states but more people need to be involved in this area.  High Times also welcomes editorials about Marijuana, Marijuana Growing methods, and cases in general, including current local situations that have anything at all to do with marijuana. 


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