Preying on the poor, desperate, and needy: Mental Health and Medical Racketeering reached an all-time high in certain sectors plus corporate greed defined – 2013 by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber



Exactly what are Mental Health and Medical Racketeering?

  1. 1.  Giving a false diagnosis and not following up with the client.
  2. 2.  Unneeded surgery and drugs that do not work and are not rotated out in a client/patient’s life.
  3. 3.  Not providing or suggesting supportive services that are needed.


In some of these cases, the patient deteriorates, and is then part of a Ponzi scheme, based on racketeering for crooks in the Medical professions, including Doctors, Psychologists, Social Workers, and other who work within the hospital or direct care systems.  This happened in many cases because of a poor economy and funds being desperately needed, and some of the aforementioned professionals being given a large amount of trust by patients/clients, instead of the patients/clients becoming informed consumers of medical and psychiatric care. 


When economic patterns reach an all-time low as they have in recent years, Ponzi Schemes like the above mentioned become more and more prevalent in communities as a development pattern and a way for certain people to survive.


In some of these cases, people, who were trusted medical providers, were using other people’s credentials in order to become richer and survive themselves.   This, combined with disability lawyers looking to get a kickback by putting people on disability when the people are still able bodied and willing to work, have been marks of degradation in too many communities.  Employment could be brought into the same areas, but employment in many cases is so low waged (for instance in the retail sector) that people have a hard time paying bills and surviving on these low wages.  Reasons like the above are the reasons to ‘crash’ some of the large corporations that are still engaged in behaviors like the above thanks to investigators coming up with accurate findings about corporations adding to the negative downslide in the Nation’s economy instead of helping by using more vigorous Marketing techniques and reinvesting their profits into their own corporations to expand. 


(inset picture of Lowes storefront)


 In some of these cases, branches of large corporations (like the Lowe’s Home Improvement chain) are staying open, and have stock which no one buys, with a skeleton crew manning the retail stores getting paid a very low wage to be there at work.  The stores still have to pay their light and heating bills, and do not have the Sales justification to be able to stay in business yet alone grow and construct new stores, unless they receive funding from other sources.  If people are involved in being homeless, they cannot possible buy products or raw materials to improve homes that they no longer own and cannot afford.


What appears to be a crisis caused by unruly and greedy people may actually be part of the solution if their behavior includes shutting down stores which are not making a profit and can no longer afford the employees who already work there, yet are expanding anyhow because they are receiving the funding so to do. 


…More will be revealed…


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