Open Letters to The Police… by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber

Hello.  I think there is a group of people here in Danville, VA who started out in Brunswick Ohio as hoods.  One of them was a known sex offender.  My dad had a run in with some of them thanks to me.  At the time, I was a young person who had two jobs.  One of my jobs was with a sex offender who “took it out of his pants” and worked with me at Standard Brands, Seville, Ohio which prefaced “Sex With Slaves” and other programs that were developed in Ohio to ‘get rid of’ people who the crooks knew and did not like.  The man’s name was Richard or “Dick” Lakin, and his name was mentioned frequently online for some reason to irritate me, because I quit that job at Standard Brands thanks to being sexually harassed thereby Lakin.  My other part time job was to be a weekend waitress at the Holiday Inn on Route 18 at the not far from the freeway exchange. My dad came to Brunswick Ohio when I was young because i stupidly went to a local garage with a coworker, who was a waitress at the Holiday Inn in Medina, Ohio and the men at the garage, who she knew, were supposed to fix my car.  Instead of offering to fix the car, they disassembled the car and refused to put it back together until i had sex with them, which i did not want to do.  At that time, I was about 19 (I am now 55) and he came to where i was, ordered them to put the car back together, and filed charges against them, but there was no sex.  Then, he told me off on the way home.

He ended up becoming one of the victims of this crime ring and ended up dead.  Another person who this crime ring, who may have gotten a “racketeering key” from Buckeye Union Insurance agency in Independence Ohio, where i worked with a friend named Linda Penn, who also was known by this online group and became a homicide victim, knew some of the people from Brunswick, Ohio who turned out to be perpetrators in other areas from working with a woman named Toni Metcalf, at McDonald’s in Brunswick, Ohio.  This occurred when i was younger, but after i got divorced, it seemed that this group mentioned names of people who I knew encountered them in Brunswick, Ohio and claimed that they were “Bank One” and/or the people were supposed to be “used for development”.  This originally occurred in Ohio.  I for some reason do not think this is an approved way for the State of Ohio Department of Development to operate.  It appears that someone from this gang was thrown in jail, and then got out with a resentment and went after people who were around me.  They are still online and are now in Danville, Va.  I think some of these people go to Alcoholics Anonymous which is at the {Presbyterian Church here in Danville and meets every morning at 9:00 am.  The Medina, Ohio police and the Danville, VA police are also receiving a copy of this complaint.  At this time, my fiancé and i are staying at the House of Hope Homeless shelter located on Ridge Street in Danville, VA and our last day, which is the end of a two month stay is quickly approaching – on January 13th, 2014.  This situation is of grave concern to me as I do not want to be a homicide statistic.  Your assistance in regard to this matter is appreciated.  Also, I am currently involved with the Indigo Drum Peace Project, located at  All of the tags on my online resume are part of the Peace Project.  My current writing site, which is a tag on the Peace Project, is . The crooks online “sound like” and seem to have a greed and revenge motive.   The original problematic groups were a group of whites, not blacks.  I don’t appreciate being called named or being hassled by this same group.  Another part of the thing is now that they could have added another group, namely” Korber” which is anchored in Hamburg, West Germany.  Korber is an IT company, supposedly, which had an ad in one of the newspapers here at the Danville, VA library seeking employees, but was colinked with another company.  Korber online also has some kind of a paper link company, and my dad used to sell graphic arts to various companies who need to ship products, and was interfaced with various ‘box houses’ or ‘paper companies’ a long time ago.  I think I recall the company being in Raleigh, NC.  Korber is how my maiden name is pronounced at times, but when I looked this company up on the internet, I noticed that they also have family members who spell their name Koerber, like my maiden name.  None of these people are my known relatives, though.  One of the men who goes to the above named Alcoholics Anonymous meeting here in Danville resembles a “Korber” online because of his rounded facial cheeks, set close to his nose, which are a genetic characteristic.  An informant said that this same group could be the Farrakhan hate group which hates whites, although most of the group members are white.  This situation is hazardous, and I am in a position of having to rely on the police and other people for assistance in regard to this matter. 

Thanks in advance for your assistance and have a Happy New Year!


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