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The Bush Foundation is offering two Fellowships, with qualifications.  Both Fellowships give $48,000.00 and are looking for leaders and Artists.  These Fellowships seem to be are congruent with the International Peace Project, but The international Peace Project is not the grantor of the Fellowships.  Also, if the participants choose to go to Minnesota (which is where St. Mary’s Basilica is – with The Indigo Drum Peace Project in Minneapolis)  for one or two years prior to applying for these fellowships. 

Younger and Older people would attain much better opportunities with the Peace Project and being known by others, even if they do not get the Fellowship award, than listening to people who tell them that selling narcotics is going to make them important and give them a ‘political launch’.

Sponsor:  Bush Foundation

                  332 Minnesota Street, Ste.E-900

                  St. Paul, MN  55101-1315

                  Ph:  (651) 227-0891

                  Fax:  (651) 297-6485



Listed as 2100:  Bush Artist Fellowships (All/Fellowship)

Purpose:  To support different artist with significant financial and professional development to further their work and their contributions to their communities.  Focus:  Arts.  Qualif.:  Applicant must be a resident of Minnesota, North Dakota, or South Dakota, and a U.S. citizen  or permanent resident; have lived in the listed region at least 24 months prior to the application deadline; and at least 25-years-old on the application deadline.  Criteria:  Selection is based on applicants strong vision; creative energy; commitment to excellence; and potential to fulfill the Bush Artist Program.

Funds Avail.  $48,000.00.  Number Awarded:  Up to 15.  To Apply:  Applications will be accepted via online submission process.  Deadline:  October 30, November 6.

Remarks:  The Bush Artist Program makes awards in eight categories that rotate on a two year cycle.  Contact:  Catherine McGuire at or

Listed as 2101:  Bush Leadership Fellows Program (Professional Development Fellowship)

Purpose:  To Motivate individuals who are eager to prepare themselves for greater leadership opportunities and to create positive change in their communities.  Focus:  Community Leadership.  Qualif.:  Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident; be 28 years or older at the application deadline date; have lived or worked for at least one continuous year immediately prior to the application deadline in Minnesota, North Dakota, or South Dakota; and not be a former Bush Leadership Fellows.  Criteria:  Selection committees review applicants’ records with attention to leadership, learning, and impact.

Funds Avail.:    $4,000.00/month.  Number Awarded:  20.  To Apply:  Applications will be accepted via online submission process.  Deadline:  December 1.  Contact:  Martha Lee at


From:  Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans, Volume One, Sponsors and Their Scholarships:  A-H, Twenty- Eighth Edition, Copyright 2011 Gale, Cengage Learning 

Also available online.  See




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