A letter that kept bouncing….

                                                                     Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber
                                                                     C/o The House of Hope
                                                                     206 S. Ridge Street
                                                                     Danville, VA  24541
                                                                     January 6, 2013
Episcopal Church Center
Attn:  Episcopal Church Foundation
815 Second Avenue, Room 400
New York, NY  10017-4564
E-Mail: Kelly@episcopalfoundation.org
Web:  www.episcopalfoundation.org
To Whom It Concerns,
     I am interested in applying for the Scholarship which is named above.  I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but spent most of my life in Ohio.  In Pittsburgh, Pa., I was on a city bus coming home from Church Confirmation classes, at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Whitehall, Pa., and crossed the street and was hit by a car.  I have been a crime victim ever since and the crooks in part are also part of the Episcopal Church.  I would like to bet more education, and I notice that the crook who are online in the auditory mode are not homeless, are not people who were victims of a sex based program created by someone called “Sex With Slaves” or the Manson Family cult’s rendition of crime where they get rid of one person like Sharon Tate and get other crooks ‘in’, which is called “Masturbating in Mirrors” at this time.  Every time a crook gets online and says this phrase, someone is killed or threatened with removal and the Manson Family cult continues on.  This part started in Wooster, Ohio where a large number of Manson family members already were. This is annoying and it ruined my life, because I have not been able to get any more education or become hired since they started this after harassing me, getting cohorts to come into my house at 1785 Akron Road, Wooster, Ohio at 4 in the morning to rape me because I was there alone at the time, and throw all of our belongings outside in an illegal eviction because ‘they felt like it’ to start up an organized crime cult including Las Vegas funding, a cocaine cult, a and a problem with Nigeria and other countries via Wooster, Ohio, to be continued in other states. 
The aforementioned situation is why I am currently in Danville, Virginia, as an “Unpaid Government intern” doing writing and research and constantly seeking employment.  Currently here in Danville, VA the organized crime cult is also strong because of crooks using the Manson family method and getting other crooks ‘online’ which has been going on since they harassed me again as an adult in the aforementioned way in about 2006. 
My areas of Mission/Unpaid Government intern Work and Transformational Ministry
     I am currently a member of United Nations and have several writing sites of recurring criminal activity, on two main sites on my online resume located at http://www.kimberlykoerberbauerkoerberresum.weebly.com which are http://www.BornToBeMiserable.blogspot.com, and http://www.WhitecolorcopiesonlyWordPress.com.
I currently have an undergraduate degree in Social work from The Ohio State university College of Social Work in Columbus, Ohio and have experience in all areas of Social Work (resume attached), but am in stone broke poverty because of the cult which shut down the country, and the ”crime buddies” may also be Episcopal Church members.  
I met my current fiancé, John C. Drilling, who is on my Facebook page, listed on my online resume, at the Salvation Army in Wooster, Ohio after the crooks ran a cult, which turned out to be President Obama’s Presidential Launch with a large group of angry blacks, some of whom from other countries, in Columbus Ohio, where I was for a long time, trying to help manage the problem.   John was also a cab driver for a number of years and we lived at the Motel One, Columbus, Ohio which was part of the organized crime cartel and was owned by Asians, so got to know many other people in that area at the time.  John and I have traveled around from place to place and shelter to shelter because of this, and at this time, our lives are not really progressing the way they should be, he is currently 54 years of age and I am currently 55 years of age.  We have no resources and no car at this time, and are in indigent poverty and on food stamps.  I am also working on an
International Peace Project, which includes an international Art site called Behance.com, which is listed on my resume, also, to encourage graffiti artists and others to create an art portfolio to them be selected to do commissioned art, like a Peace Train Project, called “Movin’On” – an art wall example done in Greensboro, NC, which could be replicated all over the country as part of the Peace Project to mark homeless centers which help people affected by the large international crime ring which people all over the world have been affected by.   “Movin’ On” appears on the site also, and on Google “You Tube Videos”. 
The Indigo Drum Peace Project, a government and church related project attracted some attention, and I am currently looking for a way to anchor a telemarketing/fundraising agency as a part of the Indigo Drum Peace Project called “the Indigo Drum” in a state, but have no resources and have to keep moving on when our shelter stay is over.  For instance, right now, I am at the very end of my shelter stay at The House of Hope and have no definite plans about where to go or be after the 12th (which is this upcoming Sunday).  Because of this cult being started in Wooster, Ohio, I was prevented form going to law school at the time, and getting involved in a Public Policy (Social Work) area, or an MPA area, in addition to going to law school.  In addition to this, a crook wanted to use my Undergraduate degree to commit crimes and prevent me for attaining employment, which is still a current problem, which caused me to file a myriad of angry complaints. 
In addition to being blocked from employment, I was Fulbright Eligible, with an overall GPA of ‘almost 3.4 on a 4.0 scale, and a 3.68 GPA on a 4.0 scale in my major area.  I have a small federal loan in default, but worked at United Parcel Service, Columbus, Ohio during the time I was in college most of the time, and so have a small, but existent debt, which prevents me from attaining any more loans.
I am an excellent field analyst and writer, a cartoonist, play classical piano and I know that my work has the ability to impact people and congregations, and I have an expertise area which the invention of the Peace project that I would like to expand and amplify, but currently have no role in or with the church, am transient, and  would like to be more effective on the grassroots level.  I have been an Episcopalian since kindergarten, and was an acolyte in high school.  I would appreciate your taking time to review The Indigo Drum Peace Project (which I know has some spelling errors on Born To Be Miserable and which I have not had time to correct as of this writing).  Since I have been traveling around with my fiancé, I have visited many Episcopal Churches, and have interfaced with many people and many government areas, and my reference list (attached) lists the rector in Columbus, Ohio, at Trinity Episcopal Church, 3rd and Broad Streets, Columbus, Ohio.  I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.  My cell phone which is a free government cell phone, currently at this writing has no minutes, but will renew of the 12th of January, and is 336-458-6131.  My fiancés cell phone number is (828) 238-0819 and/or (336) 210-6112.  At this point in time, probably the best way to reach me is via my email address at Google, which is koerberbauerkoerber@gmail.com.  I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and discussing any questions you have about me or the project in more detail.  Thanks very much, and Happy New Year!
                                                Very truly yours,
                                                          Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber
Attachments:  Resume
                       Reference List
P.S.- Although the Dean of The College of Ohio State University has changed since I graduated, and the President of The Ohio State
University, Dr. Gordon Gee has moved to a new post in West Virginia, I had positive relationships with both of them and could use either or both as references.  In the Dean’s case, I went to a NASW conference in Washington, D.C. with his wife on the plane and paid for the conference, and In Dr. Gee’s case, I met him in person and corresponded with him many times in regard to problems that had to do with Ohio State university, – for instance a hostile takeover of Laotians at the ATI branch of The Ohio State University in Wooster, Ohio and the resultant problems.  


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