February 3, 2104: Bizarre, Skewed Social Policy in Greensboro, NC by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


February 3, 2104: Bizarre, Skewed Social Policy in Greensboro, NC

Social Policy in Greensboro, NC now stinks.  They have a display in the Arts Center which is creative, and has a zillion ‘plastic people’ who are made of saran wrap or clear sticky ‘Scotch brand” or another brand of wrapping tape, in the main upstairs atrium, but they have the group holding a long scroll about black civil rights.  This is where the civil rights movement went too far, because they then degraded white women who were not ‘breeders or whores’ since they were not apt to have racially mixed children who counted as black.

This “Social Policy” was masked as an anti-abortion effort, when it has much deeper ramifications.  This is another group that would have picked the Las Vegas funding group of whores and legalization of prostitution, since they, this predominately black community which creates the social policy to begin with, are to benefit by its creation.  This is where “Liz”, a white prostitute in a strong was picked, so that other women who were and are achievement oriented would feel like they are less than for being good employees and hard workers, instead of breeding and selling their offspring as if the babies were animals – like dogs, cats, or some farm animal they would get paid for ‘producing’.

Sorry, Greensboro, NC, but in my opinion “You blew it”.  You took away women’s rights, and the rights of all others but blacks, and degraded normal relationships where the men and women, or women and women, or men and men are married.  This is a negative throwback and is an example of crooks getting into the system and winning.  Because of crook getting into the system to create negative development like this, and Black and African Apartheid in Columbus, Ohio to get The first black President of the United States ‘in’, and shut down the US Intelligence system in so doing.  Obama has already served two terms, to date.  How sad to destroy the United States, while claiming that this is because of “anti-Abortion” instead of creating Social Policy to get people to become more ethical and values oriented.  L

Maybe when we come back to Greensboro, NC at a later time in the future, things will have changed.




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