Newman’s Own Brands, THE Cocaine Ring, and International Development by Kimberly Koerber-Bauer-Koerber


Newman’s Own Brand are a unique, International Brand, whereas some of the products bear on the label:  All Proceeds go to charity, like this label on Pasta Sauce label.  At some point in time, one of the people named “NEWMAN” who was supposed to be my relative Cheryl Koerber Newman was trafficking in Cocaine.  She then apparently wanted to use the name “KIM Neal Bauer, as represented on her Facebook page.  I did not create this, but then I was supposed to be pulled into homelessness and abject poverty with a Limited Education thanks to this.  These Facebook Pictures were put on the internet by someone, and in one of the photos, this relative: Cherie is in the backseat of what looks like another limousine with her husband Scott Newman.  An acceptable political launch in Ohio was to traffic cocaine and then get a political launch based on this, but in this case, it appears that instead of Newman Brands giving all proceeds to charity as they say on their product label, they decided to invest in political launches and drug trafficking.  This has greater implications because one of Newman’s products is coffee.  The label from one coffee brand, also pictured above says “FAIR Trade Certified”.  This term indicates that this coffee is part of overseas trade.  The brand bought into and became part of an International Crime/Cocaine/Racketeering Ring and caused part of the trouble, including Federal shutdowns in the United States.  African Apartheid, in Columbus, Ohio is an example of the way that other countries object to things going on in the United States.  In this fact only, no opinion short article, the reader is left to draw their own conclusions.   

 NEWMAN’s Own Brands seem to be a diverse and good food product line.  THEY are part of a natural foods line that was slowlky developed and acquired over time, and are now at risk of suffering a severe monetary loss thanks to being part of MOB ACTIVIty.  This is an example of how food products, including THE BEN And Jerry’s Ice Cream Brand, got involved in a heavy organized crime/political way, in a seemingly innocent way. 

In the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream case, they have established a foundation, and encourage groups of people to contact them, but they want to get people involved in ‘coalition building for grant money”, and could also be a source of income for the United States Government,particularly The indiog Drum Peace Project, if this case is not disporven in Federal Court, as a perpetrator of United States degradation, depending on what the “Coalition building’ consists of.


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